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Short story. Together ldr with bf over 2 years and moving to his country soon.


He totally surprised me the other day talking about marriage. I haven't mentioned it in over a year and he starts talking about it out of the blue. My question is could it be he is now thinking about it?


Last time I was there he referred to me as his wife a couple of times which I just ignored the comments.


On the phone last week he says he was mad about some tv show as the guy proposed on the show and he said he thought it was stupid and not romantic at all. Then he backpedals saying, "but I'm not romantic." lol thou doth protest too much I am thinking. Then I just agree saying it is a stupid way to propose and then I say well how would you do it and then he goes on into several lengthy scenarios and each one he refers to me. I just casually said they all sound good and not dumb like the guy on tv and I said knowing him he would do something that is uniquely him like his scenarios and then I changed the subject.


Sooooooo do you think he is thinking about doing it?

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It is hard to say, but my thoughts is yes. But dont rush him on it he will when he think it is the right time



Yes that is what I thought too. I just complimented him on his ideas and changed the subject. Like i said, I haven't brought it up in more than a year and I won't bring it up at all. I'll let him bring the topic up.

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