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Help! Not a Friend, Don't know how to tell her


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As many of you may know iv 'e been really stressed and confused over this girl. she showed me a high interest in the beginning of us meeting each other at this club every Friday. and it continued to grow, than out of no where she started not keeping in touch with me. OUTSIDE of this club, i would call leave messages, no answer back. she meet a guy. started dating him, and it really hurt me to have her tell me "i just see you as a Friend" 2 weeks ago when i talked to her in private, now she is coming back from her vacation, and is going to attend this club tomorrow. I'm going to as well.


My Question is, how do you tell someone you don't want to be friends...???


in detail..why i ask this is B/c she has been playing games from the start. with my head, telling me things, Like "it's not my fault i have a Boyfriend" too my face, like she was implying that, i should of asked her out. she loves attention like most girls do. and has been married, is now divorced, and dating a 27 yr old guy who looks 15..she is 24, and i'm 22..and that is one of the reasons she wont date me "i don't date younger guys"


i think it was an excuse. But really i would call her (PTT) on a nextel..the walkie talkie thing...while she was on vacation last week, she told me "well I'm on vacation, I'll talk to you when i get back" well now i don't want to talk to her, i washed my hands. and got rid of the Dirt she threw at me..all the excuses to why she couldn't hang-out, not even keeping contact. But she still says "i only see you as a friend" How can 2 People be Friends if FIRST there is no communication between them, . . . RIGHT? WHAT should i do when i see her in the club, Ignore her. walk away from her?

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this is what i think... if you see her at the club, you don't have to go up to her. if she comes up to you, don't ignore her completely. just say hello or whatever. you don't want to be rude; it might cause more problems. and if she tries too much to be your friend or talks to you as if nothing has happened, then just be honest with her - tell her that you don't really see her as a friend since you were never friends to begin with.

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You know what, this girl sounds pretty flaky and fake to me. She won't go for a guy who is only 2 years younger? I'm 22 and I just stopped dating someone who is 20. . .I don't think that's a very good reason. Anyway, you seem too cool to put up with that kind of stuff, and I think it's fine for you to just stop talking to her. It's true, you both never had much of a friendship previous to this, and maybe she's not the type of person that's worth having around anyway.


I'd say to just play it by ear at the club, don't be overly friendly but acknowledge her perhaps, but don't do much else. I think you should direct your energies towards meeting someone new.



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the thing is i showed her too much in the beginning i think...she was feeling me, and i was too, then she found out how old i was and everything changed...it sucked because i didn't realize it right away...


Now i feel played out, like she has me where she wants me, by the B4lls. excuse my words...but i feel like she has control over my thoughts and feelings towards her, and she doesn't...but damn i did little things that NOT EVEN the other guy was doing. like buying her roses on 2 separate occasions...and her boyfriend feels threatened by me now..he told me this in person that same night, while i was dancing with her, But tomorrow things are going to change, It's My Time to shine..I'm not going up to her all night, and she id going to wonder why, and is going to approach me. Than what do i do/say to her. when she comes up and says "HI, Whats SUp!" all cheerful like she always is. what should my response be.?

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