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anyone seriously depressed/suicidal read this...

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hello everyone

on tv last night there was a fiction show about a girl and her boyfriend that used drugs to commit suicide, and right after the girl took the drugs, she changed her mind, but it was too late.

i know how it feels to be depressed and want to end everything, but watching that girl cry knowing that she was going to die when she no longer wanted to was so sad.

i guess i'm just writing this because i dont want anything like this to happen to anyone...

no matter how bad sh*t seems, i could never actually commit suicide. i always thought about how much i love certain people, how i'd never get to lay out and watch the stars again, or go to a school football game, or do things i wanted to do.

i hate it when people commit suicide because there is always a way out, it just might take a while to find it. plus, there is always someone out there who is affected by it.

anyone who is feeling depressed or anything, i'm here. PM me.



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Wasup Soul[fly]!


I always ask , WHY are you deppresed ? And the person I ask , cant really answer me. That bothers me the most. Its not that you broke up with a really good friend, or lost your mate. Its just a mood.......nothing more. So the person should try and find, why the hell am I deppresed. Everything is ok and good, make little change here and there and everything would be in place......


"We control how much to pay!" - Fear Factory

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yeh i agree wid u j-boe, people myt not need or be ready for advice but just need someone to talk to and understand them... most depressed people feel that way because they dont feel important, etc...


thats very kewl of you emptysoul to offer your time to people to tok to you...but can i just please point out that your nickname sounds like your the one depressed...and that maybe it might help if you change it


sori if i sound like a know-it-all or sumthing, i dont wana...

but yeh wen i saw ur nickname i thought oh this person needs sum help...

eniweiz...i hope your soul doesnt feel empty! the only thing that can fill ones soul with full satisfaction is the one and only Jesus Christ

seek Him and you will find the desires of your heart!


>>what's life worth living without the lifemaker?

lifemaker=God, life manual=Bible

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hey everyone- thanks for the replies...yeah i know my name sounds like im depressed, but it was just a mood lol...i know when someone's/depressed suicidal they probably won't want to hear advice. i didnt mean for it to come off as that was all i was willing to give. i know how that feels- sometimes all you need is someone to listen to you...i'm here for that to. anyone and everyone...



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