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Is he abusing my dog?


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Hi, Summergirl...thanks so much for updating us! I was concerned all of our posts might have scared you off. I am really proud that you stood up for Riley, and I hope your boyfriend feels remorse for his previous behavior. And hasn't exhibited it again.


What kind of training are you using with Riley?

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Well Scout he's starting out in basic obedience training, this right now is enough in itself.


I know you of all people can laugh at this one....


The other night I tell Riley, "Ok, Rie time for bed ". He's laying in his little doughnut bed in the living room and he looks up at me like "yeah right Mom". So I get up, pick up one edge of his bed and try and coax him out, hoping he'll atleast stand up (he's heavy as a ton of bricks), but Nooooo, he backs up and digs himself in deeper.


My boyfriend is sitting there and in this strong, firm voice. He tells Riley, "Riley, get up and go to bed". My dog actually jumps up like he's been shot, immediately walks to his cage, gets in and lays down.


Me? I have to run around the basement for 10 minutes trying to catch him and when I finally do I have to shove his little butt in there with both hands. All I could do was laugh to myself. I've tried that firm voice, but Riley knows I'm just a big sucker.


So for now, I just want him to learn, I'm boss.


and by the way Scout, it was you who helped me tremendously through all this. THANKS!

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and by the way Scout, it was you who helped me tremendously through all this. THANKS!


Awww...I appreciate that. I just want you and Riley to be happy and safe.


And I do know what you mean about dogs knowing who's got the soft heart. I have a dog that is pretty stubborn. But you know, as long as he listens to me on the important stuff...like "get away from the road!"...I can let some of the little things slide.


Does your boyfriend display any affection whatsoever now to Riley? Any warmth or tenderness? Or is he just a scary authority figure to him?

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Thanks for the update!


I'm glad that we could help you and I'm glad that your boyfriend took it this well.


I understand how you could have been hurt by what we said to you. It's never easy to hear things like that. But I'm happy that you eventually saw that we only cared about you and Riley.


We know you have your dog's best interest at heart. Why else would you come looking for advice?


If the dog in your avatar is Riley, he's so cute! I miss my beagle.

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