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Some advice would be nice!

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I want to lose weight.




I have only about 30lbs to go and then I will be super happy at weight I am. Thing is my boyfriend eats a lot more and I find I'm eating with him. He supports me losing weight but we eat out a lot or have large portians. My bestfriend who I see if I'm not with my boyfriend doesn't care that she's gaining weight so the healthy side isn't really a choice and yes I could order the salad but she goes more for the take-out side of life.


I find that I have gotten into the habit of eating when I am bored again. I don't exercise like I used to because I work a 10hr day.....in an office sitting on my butt. When I come home I'm just to tired to want to anything really.


If you have an advice on how I can nudge the last of my flub that would be great.

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But wait, unless you're working 16 hrs a day I think you're making a little excuse Just like all of us I'm sure.


Why don't you go for a small walk during break? It would help also to surround youself with the positives, sure, go out with your b/f but order healthy but delicious food. Even health/sports magazine around your desk helps. Anything to keep yourself motivated

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The best time to exercise... is when you have the time. Morning, night it doesn't matter as long as you do it. You'll have more energy from the exercise to exercise. It's something I've noticed since I've been going to the gym more. (20 mins in and out for a go on the cross-trainers beats saying "not tonight, I'll got for an hour on saturday...")


If your time with your friend is focussed on eating, try changing it up and doing other things. Also, if she won't make some concessions towards food to help you lose the weight, spend less time around her. The healthy side is a choice, your choice.


When eating with your bf, take smaller portions and go for healthier options.

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It is not hard to say no if you are in the right frame of mind, and realize your goals are different than theirs. Sometimes people will also try and sabotage your own plans, but don't let them


When eating with your boyfriend; just eat less and take smaller amounts. If ordering out, eat about half of what they bring you and get the rest in a doggie bag (or order half portions if you can).


Work out when you can. Be it early mornings (my preference), lunches or after work. If you are time crunched, split your workouts into two shorter ones in day. Even if you are busy, you can do it if you make it a priority.

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