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Feel amazing today!!!

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OK this is bound to get lengthy!


Last night was horrible. I saw a good friend who lives in my ex's building and she told me that she heard that he was looking for a house with the girl he's living with. I thought I was alright, but I totally wasn't. I called my mother bawling just wondering why I still hold onto so much hope for this man. Why it just feels like letting go is so wrong!


Well my mother is typically one of the most negative people that I know. She's been furious with my ex for what he has done and calls him a jerk on a daily basis. She's been one of the people telling me to forget about him and how much better off I'll be. Well, yesterday she watched Oprah! LOL! I don't know if anyone saw it but it was about the power of positive thinking. About "putting your order in" so to speak. So we talked for a long time and she told me to just put out into the world what I wanted to happen with my ex and in my life in general. So I did.


This morning my daycare told me not to pay next week because I'm a week ahead. My ex who I hadn't had contact with but had been worried about popped back up on a blog I read....and then e-mailed me for the first time since we broke up. This is the way its going for me now. I refuse to think anything other than it is going to work out.


Life is good!

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