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married man loves me


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sorry for posting so much. but i don't know what to do. i was with this guy who was sperated from his wife. his wife cheated on him several times that was the reason for the breakup. we lived together for 4 months. we have been broke up for 2 weeks. he has been at my house almost everyday since the breakup and he tells me he is very much in love with me. i am in love with him too. he got back with his wife because of the family pressure. his family is very religious and believe that marriage is forever regardless of the circumstances. he is very unhappy in his marriage and we want to be together. i feel like (______) for loving a married man. someone help me sort this out please~!

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That's a hard situation to be in, even if he goes through the divorce, etc it takes time for things to settle down.


The way I see it, he shouldn't be in a marriage where he is unhappy especially over infidelity but also should not decide because of a 'family pressure'. I don't like it when people try to press beliefs into others situation. It's almost dumb, the whole 'no matter what happens'. Marriage is a commitment but to be committed to unhappiness because of one's selfishness?


And don't feel bad. I hope you to can work this out!

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