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is he gay? or am i just crazy. help me please!!!

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Ok i am new to this thing so you'll have to excuse my mistakes lol

and sorry for this being so long( i know i need helpP


Well im bi( probably more gay than straight but im happy with it).i am 18 and a senior in highschool. I am only out to two of my friends and im pretty sure that everyone thinks im straight but people have asked me otherwise in the past.


OK well enough about me, heres my problem; I have had this guy friend for about two years, he is 16 and i am pretty much head over heels in love with him. No matter what i do i cant get him out of my head, every thought goes right back to him and its driving me crazy. I think he might be bi but im not sure.

I am either reading to much into everything or im right.

we hang out all the time, any chance i get i call him to see if he wants to hang out and we always do. Now here is what makes me think he is bi. He is very touchy, he always puts his hands on me and he even wrestles with me for like an hour every time im over. He hugs me when i get to his house and before i leave. Every time we hang out its just me and him and he likes to act gay, and by that i mean when i touch him he says things like "ooh baby" and in a joking way hell ask me if i want to do sexual things and if i where to reply yes to them he just luaghs. every day after school i take him home becuase he always asks me if i would do so(like im going to say no to him, im in love with him lol). I like to joke and hold my hand out when we are in the car to see if he will hold it and he does, but after about three minutes into it he luaghs and shakes his head then pulls away. I think he might be gay but he is just unsure of what he is going through, and he dosent know that im gay so he wouldnt want me to think he is. He does alot of minute things that also help me think this. But here is what makes me question myself. He does talk about boobs alot and he has had one gilfriend that lasted a couple of months. He also talks to me about him liking another girl but he isnt sure that he likes her enough. (it makes me so jealous). I want to tell him about my feelings so bad but if it turns out he isnt gay then i dont want him feeling weird around me. He isnt the kind that would go around and tell everybody but i dont want him feeling that all those times he hugged and wrestled with me, that i was gay the whole time.

So thanks for listening to me go on and on. Any help and opinions on his sexuality and what to do would be greatly helpful.

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I would say, it definitely sounds like he's bi at least.. of course, that opinion is coming from a limited amount of information.. Either way, if he's a good friend, he won't care that you've been "gay the whole time" or whatever. But if he's not having the same feelings that you are, and he knows about your attraction to him, he might question whether or not you two should still spend time together.

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I think that's a good idea. If he's all weird about it, you can start to deal with that, but if he's accepting (heck, he might even confess that he is as well!), then you can see how it goes.


im not sure that i would tell him i had feelings for him but what if i just told him my sexuality? to at least see how he feels about it and then go from there
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