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ok, someone please help me, i'm freaking out and i can't stop crying. my story goes like this: in june, my boyfriend of almost 2 years and i broke up after a huge, horrible fight. then, last month, he started calling and emailing me like crazy, until i would talk to him. well talking led to us seeing each other again, and he told me that he wanted us to solve our problems and get back together. now the totally tragic part: last night when i talked to him, he said that he's seeing a new girl and that he doesn't want to be my boyfriend. i've begged him to meet me to talk in person for the past 2 days, but its like all of a sudden he doesn't want to have anything to do with me- he pretty much said that anyways. now i feel like i've been sent right back to square one of my breakup. i was just starting to get over him, but now i am devastated that i have lost him again. i am so mad at him for leading me on, but i'm more mad at myself for letting him hurt me again. the worst part of all this is, he has been a complete a**hole to me for so much of our relationship and everyone in my life has always thought of him as a complete jerk and i know that he is, and he isn't even that good-looking, but i am so hurt and can't make myself stop loving him. i even feel like i can't and don't want to live without him- like my life is nothing without him, as pathetic as that sounds. please help me with some advice!!

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Baby don't cry, you gotta keep your head up, whats up baby, hey listen, think about this for a second, he wanted you back, then some new chick comes along, and he does'nt want you anymore, so this is what you should think...F**K him, if he did'nt give a sh*t, why should you, you sound like a sweetheart, you could do better, and this feeling of love and missing him and not wanting to live without him stuff, thats just a phase, you feel that way not because he was such a great guy, like you said, he was an a$$hole, you feel that way because you feel betrayed, he chose some other chick over you, don't feel bad, a stupid person makes stupid decisions, and it looks like he made his decision, so think of it as motivation to better yourself even more, this way he'll look at you and realize what a mistake he made, this is just a learning experience that you'll gain from, in time your wounds will heal, so go out, meet some new people and have some fun, your free now, you'll be alright...trust me

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Don't cry over someone who won't cry over you. It's unfortunate that he lead you on. It's not your fault that you took him back, just remember that he was the one that came to you. Trust me, it sounds like that your better off without him. You don't need someone like that to take advantage of your feelings. Chances are he'll try to again when his current relationship goes sour and you have to be strong and tell him that your not interested and never will be, it's his loss, not yours. Time will take care of the hurt your feeling. It's not pathetic how your feeling for him now, it's just part of the healing process. You were able to get over him before and you will again. You can still haveany happy memories you had with him but remember why things didn't work out and not make the same mistake of taking him back. We all learn from our mistakes and we go on.

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My girlfriend of over 4 years left me on the 25th, said she needed some time alone, to think. This is the second time she has left me, she left me back in April for the same reason. I thought everything was going great, there were no signs, no hints, nothing. We were supposed to close on a house on the 8th of August, and it was postponed, now I'm so glad that it was. For the first few days after she left I wanted her back so bad, I tried talking to her but she wouldnt talk to me, wouldn't even listen, made me so angry because for a few days I didnt even know if she was "really" leaving or if she just wanted some time alone or if so, why she was leaving. I managed to corner her a few days after and got her to talk, she said she just felt like we were growing apart and that it was time to end it. The hardest part for me was just being alone, all I've done for months now is get up and goto work, come home and spend time with her, and do it all over again the next day. I've saved over $15,000 since February so that we could purchase a house, get married and maybe start working on a family. I was so looking forward to it, I really was. I'm so thankful that it ended now though and not after we got married and started having children. That would not have been a good thing. Oh well, life has a funny way of going about itself, all I can say to you is that it will go on with or without you so try not to get stuck in the past wishing on memories that are just that. Pick yourself up, dust off, you'll probably have to wipe some tears away too =)

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