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Have you ever?

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Have you, when you first got here, ever felt like you had so much to say that it is overflowing out so fast you don't know where to begin?


I began writing in a Word Document the series of events that just led to my NC. A long term on again off again with several others in between but this particualr relationship is the only one that ever gave weight to the issue of me needing to be HERE. I hope that you can all bare with me I feel like I am gushing as I write but have so much I need to say that it would take a normal person a long time to wade through, In that I hope that what I eventually get posted on here will help some of you see that a all of our situations differ. We all differ and no matter how bad we think we feel there always seems to be someone with a more desperate situatio

as always





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I know how you feel. When I first got here I was probably annoying with my consistant trainwreck-ish posting. Recently somone told me they had searched back through my old threads and read some ancient ones from way back when, I was actually embarrassed.


A lof of people who come here feel this way, I think.


Your avatar is great BTW.

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Thanks for the post Hellfrost. And I dig the Avatar too thx. It isn't by any means a picture of my true inner self ,but it is how I am feeling right about now...Freaks people out on Pokerstars..LOL my Screen name is no other than.........Beelzabubba...Weird because I am a christian- but since my teens been into stuff like that my walls were covered with maiden Posters and blaring Metal outa my room.... my mom thought I was going to hell...=O)

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My screen name on here freaks people out. My yahoo screen name gets a lot of questions asked, but doesn't really bother anyone.


I think it's great that you are an open minded Christian. There aren't many Chrisitans out there who are into metal and Dark morbid stuff.


I, however, am not a Christian. I have nothing against them though.

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