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Need some advice for an assignment...


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i am in college and i am majoring in criminal justice. i have a paper due here in a few days and i am supposed to pick the topic in which i am writing about. it's a class about Policing and it's functions.


i can pretty much write about anything which would make it sound easy but ive hit a road block.


Some possible topics would be:


WACO and the FBI

Police Racism

Police Subculture




stuff like that. im thinking about doing WACO but i dont know if someone else is already doing it which would mean i'd need a new topic. if anyone has anything that deals with a Federal agency or can think of something that'd be interesting to write about dealing with policing, feel free to throw idea's out there...thank you!

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thanks everyone for the advice! Icnoland, my book has some information about the police culture and stuff like that, but doesnt really offer up any suggestions. Thanks for the link, i'll have to check that out. DN, that's a good idea too. And thank you Dako...its good to know i can always count on this site for any kind of help i need! thanks again

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