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I hate this world alot! Everything is so messed up..

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Lately it just seems like a whole lot has changed in a couple of months. I lost a horrible boyfriend a couple of months ago, who I'm just getting over. Ironically his selfishness and immaturity taught me alot. It taught me how to be a better person and to be kind and generous no matter what! I was bitter and hurt but I learned to let god just handle him. Speaking of god I've been getting closer with him also. He makes me feel good when no one else will.Knowing that I'm a good person that wants to help people fills me up inside.Right now all I'm doing is soul searching.


I'm really tired of the world we live in! There's so much hate and negativity everywhere you go. It's like everyone is warped into their own little world, everyone has their cliches of friends and if you don't fit their persona.. you won't fit in. Alot of people are too consumed with sex nowadays and no one wants a relationship anymore. It's all about who you can screw and move onto next. I see it with my friends. That's all they seemed concerned about. That's why recently I just cut all of them out of my life because they're too consumed with material things and who's fine and all of that. I'm just past all of that stuff.


Another thing that's been bothering me is that I can't find any genuinely good people in my life. I always make TOXIC friends, they start off nice but they're always there to drag me down. That's why I got rid of this cliche I used to be in. I may have 1 or 2 good friends I talk to and it's not all of the time because their mainly busy with their own lives. I recently lost my job so it gives me alot of time to be home alot and reflect on myself. I'm just by myself alot and I'm actually lost right now. I mean I really don't know where I should go from here. I'm starting school in the summer but I have no clue what I want to do.


I think I'm really misunderstood because I'm not into all of the things most people my age group are into. I like the simple life. I like to hang out with a group of friends and go to the movies. Everyone else is too consumed with clubbing,partying and sex sex sex and more sex. It's sad really..


I'm just trying to find my place in this messed up world and see exactly where I fit in because I really don't know right now...

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If these things are the only problems you have with the world, then you've got a lot to learn.


People have been obsessed with sex since the beginning of time. It's an evolutionary urge, to spread you seeds, start the next generation. Nothing you can do about that.


I'd recommend taking some Sociology courses, might help you better understand why people act the way they do.

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Even my lecturer admits that this particular academic disciple is a loada, well, rubbish. Yeah, I do Sociology, but mainly because it was the only subject that fitted in with my timetable, and you can do a whole A Level in a year..what does that tell you about it, eh?


I DO concur that the aforementioned problems are not the only things wrong with the world.


I hate to be pessismistic, but I have the feeling your realisation as to what life is truly like has begun...but has a long way yet to go.


You won't die ignorant like lots of folk, but there's many more horrors yet to think of...I'm sorry

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I know EXACTLY how you feel, I am the same way and I have lost a boyfriend and I am STILL in that ANGER stage. I never really think about sex and for me its not a big deal, there are other things I have, like who is generous, understanding and doesn't think that others dont matter. I am angry at the world too, because even though we have a variety of people, it seems to me like a lot of these people are just wasting a lot of their time on being TOOOOOO busy for everyone else. I like to be there for everyone, I dont think bad about people that have issues or if they need advice I HELP and GIVE ADVICE. But now when I need help with my anger and my hurt noone wants to help. I am angry at people for not trying their hardest in life and not only think about themselves. BEST WISHES I hope both of us will get over the worlds issues.

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I'm really tired of the world we live in! There's so much hate and negativity everywhere you go.




Parenthesising the word SIC - That's what we in the newspaper biz do when quoting something verbatim to show that the error isn't on the side of the paper, the editor or the reporter, but is an actual quote. Quoted verbatim....


SIC is a Latin word meaning "just as that".


That's actually how the above was written. I didn't even cut and paste to make it look like the second sentence oxymoronically followed the first.





Anyone else struck by this??

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(yes, AwdreeHpburn, I saw it, too, but I don't know if it's helpful to point it out and just leave it at that. The "being negative about the world for being so negative" stage is not an uncommon stage until one figures out the way out of it.)



I am sorry that you have been hurt. Sounds like it's happened repeatedly. It is wonderful that you realize that there is more to life than sex and material things. You are smart and have good instincts in that way and I commend you for being honest about the loneliness you feel as you search for a different quality of life with other human beings. Your desire for a real and loving relationship is a healthy one.


I do want to reassure you that there are plenty of wonderful people in the world who share the values you have and that there is a lot of positive stuff going on in the world. I have a great marriage and I like the world I live in and it wasn't always this way for me. You can make the transition, too.


Here's the thing about the world: it's actually a reflection of your own mind.


You can bring out the best in people or bring out the worst in people. You can attract good people or attract toxic ones. You have the power to create the world around you with your own mind.


It would appear that it's all there in the same messy stew pot together--good, bad, and in-between. When you first look at people or circumstances, you may only tend to see the surface: that person is nice, that person isn't. That person is deep, that one is shallow. That thing that happened to me was good, that other thing that happened to me was evil. And so on. You can certainly see a LOT of bad in the world around you and in other people if you want to.


But you can train yourself to see things differently. When you start to see things differently, you will start to react to them differently emotionally. When your way of viewing things changes, magically the world around you will literally begin to change.


You will eventually start to see beauty and opportunity everywhere, in other people and in circumstances. Then your own existing beauty inside will begin to shine with real power, and you will attract good people and circumstances to you as a natural consequence of your own change in viewpoint.


You say that you attract toxic people to you. Well, just based on the one initial email you posted, like AwdreeHpburn, I think I can see what might be happening.


A happy and positive and skilled loving person rarely wants to spend a LOT of personal time with a person who bad-mouths others and sees the world as full of hatred and negativity. He or she knows that's not the full picture of reality. There's so much good in life to enjoy, and life is short. So while you are self-reflecting, do reread your email and try to understand what AwdreeHpburn was trying to point out. Can you see how you might be sending out vibes of negativity to the world and unconsciously pushing away the very happy, loving, wise people you want to have in your life? They may want to love you and share with you, but may know from experience that they can't change you--only you can change you-- and they may just be waiting patiently for you to grow into your next phase so that they can come closer without getting burned by your anger and disappointment themselves. It is ALL RIGHT for you to see the world whatever way you see it. God loves you regardless. I'm not saying to be a fake. The process of learning to see the good in people and things will take time and practice. You will initially have to open up to people (like in this forum) and rely on them to help you choose more positive viewpoints, but after a while it will begin to make sense and you will see its power.


Try this:


When you see someone who is obsessed with material things, you can look a step further and realize that they are actually suffering inside. Have you spent time learning who they really are and how they grew up? You might find that you have more in common than you think...They very likely do not feel loved, and are reaching for material things that they think will bring them "up" in other people's view, things that will gain them status and what they hope is acceptance and respect from others. They may not even know that they are doing this themselves--a lot of people are caught in unconscious cycles without knowing that anything else is possible. They are broadcasting the following message: "I feel unloved. I feel insecure. I feel so empty inside I don't know what to do and it is killing me and I am so afraid that I am going to try to cover up all my pain. These things I buy make me feel a little better for a little while. I just wish I knew how to find something that would fill up this hole inside of me in a lasting way. I'm stuck and I just don't see a way out." As a loving person who sees into their soul, what is your personal response to their pain? Do you look down on them as being shallow and materialistic, or do you suddenly see their pain and feel compassion for them because you know what it's like to feel the things they are feeling? Don't you wish that you could share God's love with them? Imagine a little child who looks at you with hurt eyes and says "I don't feel loved! Nobody loves me!" Grown-ups are children of God, too. And all children feel the need for love.


What you will start to see when you really get to know people's personal stories is the intrinsic worth inside of every child of God, and the potential of who they CAN be, rather than focusing on their current behavior. You will see people in new ways, and have a burning desire to see them find true happiness.


This exercise in viewing troublemaking people differently will help you to be less judgmental of the people who don't see what you see yet, and more compassionate towards them even as you keep a safe distance from them.


You will start to see people from God's point of view, with the unconditional love that maybe you never received yourself.


I am glad that you are strengthening your own relationship with God. As you fill up on His love, you will have more love for yourself and more love to share with others.


People are ALL looking for love. To the extent that you become skilled in manifesting loving action, you will find that you have access to other people who are skilled in loving, too.


This is a loaded suggestion, but if you have a good church, maybe some counseling sessions there can help you to heal some of your hurts with God's help and also learn how to let Him guide you to the next phase of your life.


I am excited for you that you realize the futility of chasing after happiness in the ways that your old friends were trying to. Eventually, when you've found yourself settled in a good place with true friends, you may be able to go back to some of the old ones and show them the way out of their pain. You won't be be able to change them, but if one of them starts seeing her/his way out of the darkness, too, you can be there as a support and an encouragement.


Everything you are living is for a purpose, and God will let you use it to help others.

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For someone who claims they have changed and grown, to say they hate and have judgmental attitude just says that you have a long way to go.

Read your post again and see if you think you are a prefect example of what you claim the world to be ......screwed.


Take a look at your title, it just says alot about you.

I dont think you should be preaching love and flower for yourself and criticizing the rest of the world because IT does not 'fit' into your Perfect version of the world, maybe the problem is you 'fitting' in to the world around you.

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