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Importance of Work and Family

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I work as a Customer Service representative. My work is very depressing. The customers that call in are always yelling, and name calling me. However, Work is something that i need to be doing. I need a car, which i will have in 2wks if i continue working here, i need my own house, instead of living with my parents. I understand that in order to have freedom, and a "financially stable" life, i must work. How does one deal with such "negativitey" from work? It is affecting my family life slightly. I come home upset, or sad.


Second question....


I met this girl that I admire. She is sarcastic/clever/witty enough to leave me thinking a second for a comeback. She can smile at me and reach into the depths of my empty soul and forces my apathetic mind to encounter new or rarely experienced emotions She has a pair of beautiful eyes that I can stare into for an entire night a voice so sweet my heart flutters when she speaks a touch so soft, it feels like an angel's lips have become one with my skin a body that even a goddess would admire. However she has ADHD, and is very moody. One minitue she is happy, then the next "upset". I have to keep reassuring her that i care for her. It is getting old. How can i fix her? I know that if u cannot love urself, then u really cannot expect to love another.


Thank u for ur cooperation in this matter.

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1) Why can't you get a job somewhere else? Get your resume out there.


2) If you really care for her and she has a problem, you should gently tell her how you feel and hopefully she will seek some help for herself. Keep in mind that you can't change people, they have to want to change themselves.

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Has she been diagnosed with ADHD? Have you discussed her moody ways with her, as well as how it makes you feel? I've been in a relationship with someone who'd been diagnosed with a very severe mental illness, but I gotta tell you: she really was a joy to be around. A little clingy and smothering at times, but would make me feel on top of the world for the most part. In your post what you like about her seems to greatly outweigh what you don't. I hope you two can communicate and find some answers.


As far as work, customer service is a thankless, manure-filled job. I am in that same line of work. What you gotta realize is that no one is ever going to call up and cheerfully say "thanks!" because a customer service department is really only a customer complaint department. My tactic is to never answer the phone. I let my friendly-sounding v-mail greeting screen all my incoming calls. Then I can listen to my messages and return them (or not) at my leisure.


Now if you're in a place that forces you to answer the calls up front maybe you should consider getting a different job as that sort of situation can really be a ring of hell. You say it's affecting your off-time. Trust me, that'll only get worse. I have learned that the jobs with the least amount of customer contact are the best. I'm currently trying to land a new job as a workers' compensation insurance fraud investigator: I'd get to drive all over and be outside. No co-workers, no customers! Yahoo!

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Ghost - That is why we obtain diplomas and degrees. So we can get a job we reasonable enjoy and provide for ourselves and our families. Did you go to school? You should. What is it that you enjoy? What is your dream job? What do you have to do to turn that dream in a reality?


As far as the girl, no one is perfect. It sounds like your interested. Why not ask her out.

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