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what do you think of poking on facebook?


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Hey, Facebook and poking is a little five minutes ago, but I'm wondering... I like this boy in my class and we always make eye contact (he comes in late or I come in late) and we'll stand in the doorway and scan the auditorium for seats and inevitably make eye contact. Also I am a cute girl (I mention that because ugly people poking good looking people on facebook is just unrealistic and sad.) Also after class he was getting coffee and I was getting coffee and he held the door open for me and tried to initiate a conversation but I was shy and acted like I had to be somewhere.


So I'm wondering if you think it would be okay to poke him on facebook and message him and ask him out?


Or should I chill and see if he talks to me again???


I'm pretty damn sure if I poked him and asked him to hang out this weekend he would be into it, but maybe I should chill and see what happens (in person not on the internet.)


Whats your opinion of poking on facebook in these types of situations?

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(I mention that because ugly people poking good looking people on facebook is just unrealistic and sad.)


I'm kind of confused with this statement.. but it's not as though it has anything to do with your questions.


I think if you feel like it, then go ahead and poke him and ask him out. If you like him and it seems like he likes you, then someone has to do something!

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I would just add him as my friend on Facebook. A couple days later, send a short message about something funny that happened in class. If he doesn't message back, I'd let it go at that point. If he does message back, send a couple more messages and then suggest going for a coffee after class.

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He is always in the class with his friend so it's a little more intimidating that there are two of them.


He tried to do something, but I was too shy and split, hee tried to talk to me, but I was like "yea I gotta get to class" (not cool lol.)


I say that "im not ugly and Im sure he likes me" cause sometimes ugly people who I have never spoken to poke me on facebook and I'm just like "why..."


Also I am kind of too shy to ask him out in person and I don't know if I'd be able to pull off a conversation with him in which he asked me out... (that sounds like I have a lot of social problems lol.)


Even if I asked him out on facebook and he didn't reply I wouldn't be offended I'd just be like "LOL" plus it's a big lecture hall class so it's not like I would ya know be face to face with him for the rest of the semester, I could sit in the back somewhere discreet for the next couple weeks lol.


I just dunno if poking him and asking him out is totally uncool, even though it gets me what I want (and prolly him what he wants) it might be better to let him ask me?

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hazey_amber, that's good advice, but I've only talked to him once (that's not really a facebook-friend. lol.) And even then he just held a door for me at a coffee shop! And said "You're welcome"


Lol. Plus if I add him as a friend on facebook he might talk to me in person and if he does that during class (before we hang out) I might get shy and act like a weird-o... those sort of situations make me uncomfortable.... Ideally if I contact him on facebook I would want to hang out with him before seeing him in class (does that make sense?)


Again this might sound narcassistic but I'm sure if I asked him out he would go.... My concern isn't rejection it's more doing something uncool.



Fear of looking uncool is prolly why I couldn't talk to him in the first place.

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Aw, facebook and poking are 5 minutes ago? it's only just starting to gain momentum here. Man, I am UNCOOL.


I say go for it. If he doesn't poke back then he's obviously a bit rubbish. But if he's arsey enough to ignore you or make you feel embarrassed about if he doesn't, he doesn't sound like the kind of person I'd want to waste a poke on!


Plenty of people have met partners in similar ways. I met my ex because of myspace (NOT a randomer I met up with...a friend of a friend I agree it does have a kind of stigma attached to it, simply because of the connection to the internet, but you know it's nothing seedy, and that's what matters.

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Nothing seedy, I like that... I think I'm going to poke him lol. I think poking him is better than adding him as a friend. I think it might take too long to message him back and forth (and the class meets again on Monday.) I don't want him to ask me out in person. I'd rather just message him to have coffee or something on facebook. Rather then message him back and forth and have to see him in class before hanging out with him.


Or should I add him as a friend?



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I would be a bit weirded out if someone I didn't know poked me on facebook, regardless of attractiveness.


I think a better way to go about this would be to sit next to him in class and make small talk. Then ask him out. In my opinion, in person is always better, and you can get more of a feel for whether the other person likes you.

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Um I guess I care too much about what other ppl think and I would feel like they were listening/judging me if I tried to flirt with him in class (a place of learning, not flirting.) lol. My big fear is what other ppl think. Not of him rejecting me. I would be scared of looking like a loser if I showed interest in someone.


I would feel a lot more comfortable hanging out with him somewhere (outside of class)... noone would be there to judge me...


I guess this is weird.


Also like I said he always sits with his friend so that would make it more awkward for me to talk to him. I guess I could approach him after class, but I've never done that and that is so not me.


At best I could do a shot before class (the class is at 5) then I'd be a lot more relaxed.. but drinking to feel comfortable enough to talk to some boy would be even more pathetic than poking him on facebook...


Also I'm a coward and I'm not going poke him... I can't do it...

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I don't think other people will think you're a loser. I bet his friends would LOVE to get hit on in class anyway, and would be jealous if anything.


You don't have to be really flirtatious. You could just make a little comment about the class, introduce yourself, make a bit of small talk. Then maybe you could add him as a facebook friend and ask him out, or just do it in person once you're more comfortable. You might also see him somewhere else on campus and hang out with him then.

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Poke him. He likes you. He will poke back.


You will send a wallpost, sayin "lol, so whats up",

he will say "nm, you?"


you will say "nm either", then you will feel awkward for a bit, because he hasnt asked you anythin of importance yet. You will wait for another facebook wallpost from him, to which you will be delighted to see he is interested when he responds with some kind of mishmashed,


"im goin somewhere for some reason, but you wanna chill after class 2morrow? lol"


etc etc, you guys chill after class, something or other gets established, you determine if he is actually cool or not, then it's all freestyling from there

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