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giving the world... means nothing

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so ive been in 2 'more-than-friends' relationships and ive given out the world and it doesnt mean anything. not to generalize against women as an entire group. but maybe ive just had some beginners bad-luck cuz the situations ive been in i know i deserve a lot more and have the person care for me a lot more. not to sound greedy or anything but its just not the amount id expect

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It's probably not bad luck. I would seriously assess your behavior with these girls to see what you could do differently next time. Maybe you've been trying too hard. You don't have to be a jerk, but you certainly don't have to "give the world", especially in the beginning of a relationship.

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They took you for granted, it happens to all of us.

Its human nature to take advantage of a good situation, it takes a bit to battle out of it, especially when you are young(not that iknow your age).


I did it to a friend of mine without even realising it and I feel horrible about it still... years later...

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Giving a girl the world is not going to increase how much she is interested in you, how much she likes you or how much she loves you. No matter what you give people they will always want more. I would focus on finding a girl that is worth giving things to, once she has proven herself worthy then begin the process but do not go overboard, the key is moderation.

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i said before, i didnt mean litterally 'giving' like gifts or stuff. i did take one girl to a basketball game but i meant like i just have a lot of to offer as a person


Even if you're just giving alot of your time and attention, it can be overwhelming for a girl. Just remember to maintain a balance.

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There are a few things going on here. One, you're eighteen. Practially no one at eighteen knows how to give and receive. And two, you're basing the entire world on two people you know. That's hardly a representiative sample. I always give the world to every single person I come accross, man, woman, and child. Sometimes they appreciate it, sometimes they don't. It's worth it, believe me. Giving isn't about expecting something in return.

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Oh boy, you blew my post way out of porportion. I'm not saying anything about your maturity because I don't know you. I'm saying that at eighteen you really shouldn't give up. Things didn't work out before, but you shouldn't just stop giving the world to people. Giving the world (by my definition) is a good thing, even if you get nothing in return. I take pleasure in giving fantastic, fun dates and even though most of the time they're not returned, I still feel glad for doing it. Right now I'm in a great relationship with someone who gives just as much as I give. That's the real secret, finding someone who is willing to give back.

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