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I'm going to MAKE myself...but how?

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So here's the deal... I've been gaining weight due to lack of exercise, motivation and a genetic disorder. I hate the way I look right now and I want to do something about it. I already it very healthy...


I'm going to start swimming (TONIGHT! Im gonna do it!)....


Iwas on a swim team for about a decade... so i have the endurance.


How much should I start out at? I was thinking 30 laps? too little?


How many times a week? 3? I'm a full time college student and will soon have a job so there wont be THAT much time...


How do I stay motivated? I usually will for about a month and then it just tapers off...

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Usually early in the morning, it's easy to get ourselves to do something, while having adequate time. Night time after a long days work, is genuinely when I find that most people will blow off a workout routine.


Also, why not pick out an outfit, or something you absolutely love, buy it a size smaller so you can't fit into it, until you lose the weight. For some women, that may help motivate.

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Get someone to go with you. It's the easiest way I've found to make sure I go. Thursdays and Fridays before class my friend and I always go to the gym. Then on the weekends I have another friend that goes at least once and I'll usually go with her. If I'm exercising alone and I back out...no one finds out. But if I'm supposed to go with someone, I consider it a commitment that I have to keep. Then you learn to love exercising and it's easier to do it on your own.

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well, see, i've found that i have the most motivation at night... I am not a morning person at all...


I dont know, my roommate says she'll go with me, but everytime i've wanted to go she hasnt...maybe ill just tell myself, okay... we're the same size now... im gonna make myself thinner than her to get her jealous...

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As far as the number of laps, I find it easier to get motivated when I don't count laps or watch the clock. Just swim until you're bored of swimming.


Oh, and find a pool where hot guys go. There's nothing more motivating than wearing goggles and watching their sexy bodies underwater as you swim by.

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see, id do that if MY body was sexy.... im too self conscious of it right now which is why i dont go to a gym


Being in the water already takes 10 lbs off. The water somehow creates pressure all over your body, pushing in the fat. It's miraculous. I say you throw your insecurities aside and go find yourself a sexy swimmer boy.

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see, id do that if MY body was sexy.... im too self conscious of it right now which is why i dont go to a gym


Being self conscious can be a great motivator actually. And just because you think you're a pound or two past where you'd like to be doesn't mean you're not sexy. (Hang on a sec., you're the same size as your roomate and you tell us about her antics ... thereforeeee she likely looks pretty good to the guys, why on earth wouldn't you???)


You were on a swim team for a long time, you'll likely have quite a good idea of how much you should swim. Go at least twice a week if you can, three times would be pretty good.


You should go. No excuses. Just go!!

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swimmer boys are hotttttt... hmmm *pondering*


Yeah, roommate gets a lot of guys... I honestly get hit on more than her, but i just don't act on it...sooo iguess my self esteem just sucks... stupid ex boyfriend


Now the new dilemma: where are my goggles....

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You may be set on swimming, but you could also sign up for some exercise classes through your college. Mine has a whole bunch (dance, yoga, pilates, aerobics etc etc etc) for quite cheap - ex. twice a week for 12 weeks will be 60-90$, and they charge it to your parents ( ). For me, having a set time helps, being with other people helps, and doing something out of the ordinary helps. (I am starting capoeira on Friday.) Also, once you go for a few weeks, class members and the instructor EXPECT you to be there and will notice if you're not, so that helps me attend even when I don't feel like it.


My sister started exercising over the summer and just made herself do it. It took a while, but after about 3 months she started looking forward to exercising and really wanting to do it, and it was also so much of a habit she couldn't imagine skipping out. I haven't personally experienced this, but one call always hope ... lol

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I did go... and im going again today


See, i would sign up for a class or even just go to the gym... but im soooo self conscious right now about my body.... I know, you're in a gym... no one's gonna care since you're doing something about your disgusting body.. but i still care too much If i was thin and in good shape, then, yes, i would... however, i feel being in the water, i'm safer from judgements...and there's less people...

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