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I got a tattoo on my hip about halfway through August last year. It healed over fine, and I love it. But a moment ago I scratched it (itch) and it seemed to kind of...peel? Kinda like sunburn does, but not as badly. The black got a little paler. When it did that I rubbed the rest of it and it all did the same thing. I've just put some moisturiser on it, and it's dark again, but I was just wondering if that's all it is? That it was just dry? When I had it checked a couple of weeks after I had it done the guy said it was doing fine and as it should. Should I go back if there are any problems?

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It's your skin exfioliating. Some people's bodies do it more than others. I have a tattoo on my foot. When I got mine, I was told it was bad idea because it was possible it would completely disappear within as soon as a few months! Your hands and feet exfioliate more than any other part of the body- my tatto has faded (it also gets darker with moisturizer) but it's still there. It's normal. If you want, just go get it touched up!

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Lol, thanks everyone I do moisturise it (ok, not everyday) but I think the stuff I use is a bit rubbish, and the good stuff I bought I left at uni Just try to get it back I guess? I may have to get it touched up though...there are a couple of areas that are definitely not as dark as others. Nevermind.



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Okay, I found this thread on google. And I guess I'd just like to confirm this: My tattoo is 5 months old (9/6/06), and on the inside of my wrist. I was moisturizing just now, and it seemed like I was rubbing off the tattoo, because little black flakes came off. This has happened before, and my tattoo still looks great - except for the spots I noticed on the ends of a couple lines, but that's been that way since I got it - so am I actually rubbing off color? Is it anything to worry about?


Also, if I would like to go and get it touched up, how much of a risk of ruining it am I running? It's pretty thin-lined text, and I wouldn't want the lines to get super bold or thick.

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