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Today is my first post. I discovered this site 3 days ago and as God as my witness I wish I had 11 months ago I just wanted to thank all of you for your lifes experience posts and support you show others. I will tell you all my story when I can sit for several hours to get through the 17 years of this relationship has spanned and the 11 months since its last break up





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Thanks for all of the support thus far I have started typing my story and gleen most of the pertinant info. I hope to finish it by tomorrow. LOL feels like I'm writing a book..


I know that we are all here for various reasons and to answer to ourselves in different ways.


I, if it all possible want to find a way to reconcile with Rachel someday, unfortunantly I have been so blinded by so many things as of late that I feel so blessed to find you all here. Not that I needed more clarity. But Support and direction are so important when you feel helpless.





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Brill, I dated a woman in 1986 for 3 months and then again in 2003 for 6 months. Both breakups were very difficult because the time elapsed made me think it would work the 2nd time. Plus I had been wondering about her all those years. When we got together again, I thought that it would be different. I was really devastated by the 2nd breakup. I still can't imagine what you've been through, however.

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