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Never allow Sept. 11 to be for naught

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Hey All,


Last night I dreamed about the World Trade buildings in NYC collapsing like they did on Sept. 11, 2001. That image traumatized me and I will never, ever understand that event.


Every individual who died that day went through something awful, something horrific. But somehow those in the towers: those who jumped, those who perished in the collapse. . . you guys, I am simply so hung up over the way in which they passed.


I guess I am just writing to say that I didn't lose anyone I knew personally, but I hurt so much for them, all of them. These people were my brothers and sisters. They were all humans on this earth trying their best, just like you and me. I hate it so very much.


I don't really need advice. I just wanted to express my deepest condolences to anyone who knew anyone that was killed. Words can't even describe the injustice of their deaths.


Let's take this as a lesson to all of us who have been given this day!

Let's be good people, giving people, kind people.

Let's stop wallowing in our self-pity and our troubles and misfortunes and focus on our gifts.

ALL of us are here for a reason. Please, let's ALL live our lives as they were meant to be lived. Please, start it now.

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Hello and thank you for your insightful post.


It is very easy to be traumatized by an event as horrific as this, as was everyone who saw it. It is disgusting to me that any human life has to be taken in such a way. Please don't regret, only learn... learn that the human race in general is just that: human. We have our own minds, and some think different from others, and the real tragedy is that only a few people with demented ideals could destroy so many innocent lives.


The only thing that I want to bring up is that this is only the first time for the US to experience something so tragic. You are in a sense fortunate for not having to live in complete fear every day like some do in the eastern part of the world. It is true, anything could happen, but you must step back and feel fortunate that you can get on the bus every morning and there is much better chance that you will get to work than someone in these eastern countries.


I don't mean to take anything away from sept. 11, it was the most horrific thing I have ever seen, by far. The only thing I wanted to point out is that this occurs all too often, and it is just a sad law of nature.


I hope this helps with understanding that sept. 11 was horrible, but not a new thing for humanity... I guess it was more of just my thoughts on the whole thing, really...


Keep your head up, live life like you won't have it forever, and smile at everyone you see. Things like this can change the world in time, it's just that simple in the long run, if everyone's playing the same game.


Thanks for reading, I hope nobody was offended... it wasn't meant that way at all.



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