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Getting OVER it

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getting over it! sometimes it is so easy to say but so hard to do. Whether it is a relationship or a issue with society or a friend. Sometimes the issue is so little that we should 'get over it' but we can't. Many times in Hind sight we realise that i wasn't a big issue but we made it bigger then it should.


How do you get over it?? To get over something before it bigger then it should be.

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I would like to know myself... Sometimes I feel like I fixate on a particular thing too much and, like you said, make it bigger and more important to me in my mind than it is in actual reality.


Getting over disappointment... I think you need to do some growing up in order to do it, which is what I am trying to do right now. You've got to realize that not everything is guaranteed to go YOUR way in life and that you have to make the best out of the situation that is handed to you.

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An interesting question, even in this abstract/general sense. Getting over it is akin to letting it go, making an active decision that something is no longer important. Resolving it in your mind in some way.


I genuinely find it useful to tell myself, whenever anything bad happens, that I'm a stronger and better person for the experience, that nothing is wasted, that I'll be thankful for it later on as I have been in the past. It sounds absurd, but it really does help.

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