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Not sure where this goes, but anyway..


For the past month I have noticed a black and blue typ mark under my pee hole on my penis.. I am extremely scared this is cancer.. Also, theres thing long red line on my penis as well, just on the bottom of it spreading to my testicles..


I ould like to add that 'm 19, Smoking and Cicumsized.. I have also been diagnosed with a spermatocele on my testicle..



I have read all the info on the net, and I cant decide whether or not its cancer or something else..


I also cn't go to the doctors since I am not insured and I already have over 2,000 of dollars of medical bills.



M girlfriend, who's a nurse said its no cancer, but for some reason, thats not reassuring enough..



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Is it just a mark? Is there a bump at all? Not the same thing, but I have freckles in some very odd places. The freckles can appear black.


It's also common to have viens visble on your penis. Is that what the line looks like? Nothing at all unusual about that.

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Nope, no lump at all.. Now that you mention it it actually does look like a bunch of veins.. have been told by 2 nurses and a soon to be doctor that it is not cancer.. They said that its definatly not cancer, cause if it was.


1 The mark would be tender and irritatng to touch

2. I wouldhave a foul smelling discharge

3. Blood in urination


Nothing of that sort has happened to me.. They said that its because I havn't had the best hygene for the past 4 months since I basically have no life anymore lol..


I'm probably gonna see if this Antibiotc my mom gave me works and I'll notice if it looks any worse.. If so, off to the urologist I go


Thank You.. More comments would be appreciated.

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