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Another "should I call" thread


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Heres my situation:


I've been working with this girl for about a couple months now. There was always a level of attraction that I could feel right away. As we worked more and more together, we would flirt and talk a lot more. She would give me signs such as love taps, joking around with me, and giving me the eyes.


My last day of work was last Saturday and all of my coworkers went out and drank that night at a bar. This was the first outing that me and this girl had together. She gave me her number and I gave her mine. I called her on Sunday and we talked for a good hour. I know she was enjoying our conversation because she was laughing a lot and told me how funny I am. I asked her out the same day but she said she had a ton of homework and had to go to church as well. She had to leave and said "I'll talk to you later." Well on Superbowl Sunday I got plastered and drunk dialed her at 2am, she didn't pick up, I assume she was sleeping. I then tried calling her the next day and she still didn't pick up. I even left a voicemail and she didn't call back. It's been about 4 days now and we haven't talked to each other.


I know I'm being overly analytical with this stuff, but when do you guys suggest I call her? I know she's attracted to me because all my coworkers and her friend have told me as well. Do you think I called her too much already? I know she's pretty busy all the time and maybe I'm just overreacting. But why hasn't she called? Is it normal for girls NOT TO CALL? It's just that Im not use to the girl not calling back. In my previous experiences, they'll call as much as I do.




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Let me add another thing. This girl is a lot different from the girls I've dated. She is very religious and has a great outlook on life. I don't think she's really had a serious relationship and is still a virgin. Not someone I would normally date, but something about her just CLICKS with me. Im older than her by about 3 years. When we initially exchanged numbers, I told her to call me up anytime. I remember she emphasized "YOU CALL ME UP!" I did twice after our first talk and yet, she didn't pick up.


Sorry, I know long read, but I just had to get every detail in there.

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Heres my situation:


... I called her on Sunday and we talked for a good hour.


That's where you made a mistake pal. An hour is just too long. In principle, you should cut the conversation when the girl is still enjoying it so that you give her the gift of missing you. It also stops you from saying too much. What can you do now? I would suggest that you not call her for a week and after a week give her a call. If she doesn't give you a good response, I'm afraid that signals she has lost interest and there is pretty much nothing you can do. On the other hand, if she does respond well, make sure you don't repeat your previous mistake but just be laid back and relaxed. Calling her too much makes you come accross as needy and that doesn't do well for any relationship.

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i think you may have scared her a bit. calling late drunk. then calling again the very next day leaving a voice mail. she may think 'stalker'. lol. i'd say wait a couple of days then try again. if you get voice mail say something like "hey, what's up? just wanted to see if you want to hang out this weekend/tomorrow night? hit me up!" that is enough. don't ask about the other times you called, or the voice mail you left previously. just be cool and sly. she will call you back after that. if she doesn't, i think you blew it with your previous actions.


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