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Hello,I have always heard people say that supermarkets can be a good place to meet women.I usually go to my supermarket almost everyday but don't spend a long time there.I would guess one might have to spend quite a lengthy time in the store to come accross someone that you might be interested in.I know I personally feel a lot more comfortable when I am at the supermarket[i just can't relax when I go out to the bars].Does anyone think it is worth spending more time at the grocery store?Going to the bars just isn't getting me anywhere.

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I dont think it is about the length of time that you are spending the supermarket the idea is to be friendly with the women you meet there. After the introduction start up a short conversation with her, keep it light and simple. Of course you want to keep yourself open to any obvious hints that she is attached but after the conversation you ask for her number or perhaps if you know you will see her there again then you can get her number at a later time. Personally I would go for the number right then and there unless you are ultra patient.

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You don't normally spend a great deal of time at a supermarket. Not usually long enough to have a conversation, anyway. I know this sounds corny but have you tried speed dating? I'm a shy person and I've just gotten into it. They host one at a local cafe on Tuesdays and even though you only get to talk for a few minutes, you get to talk to a lot of different (single!) people. And from that few minutes you can usually tell if you have a few things in common or if you want to stick around for another coffee afterward so you can talk for longer. You write down the number of the person/people you might want to talk to again (everyone has a number attached to their shirt) and hand it to the co-ordinator at the end. Then they see if anyone on your list has written YOUR number down because they want to see YOU again. Then they exchange your details. Voila. Hehe no, it doesn't always work out but it may be worth a try.

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Or online dating... I'm horribly shy and hate bars. Its easier when you're on a site and both are available (barring any liars, but hey, you find liars and creeps in bars too!). I met my current bf online, and we're quite smitten with each other


We're both more confident in email/chat, so it was also good to break the ice a bit. He was very shy offline (hardly made a peep the first hour), but now he's comfortable and chatty (as am I).

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