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new lingerie?

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Why would you replace your lingerie? Is it because your ex bought it all for you?


I have always bought my own, and I swear it is such a hassle finding stuff that fits me that no way does its lifespan depend on anything other than becoming threadbare. I went to buy a new bra the other day and there was one in my size accross all the nicer brands accross the entire department store.


I might buy a couple of new things for the new relationship - just to feel "new" - but nothing major.

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Well I've worn some of it with my boyfriend and he never said anything about it. But over the weekend he mentioned a toy he had used with a previous girlfriend that he had gotten rid of. I asked why he didn't keep it to use again and he said that it would be weird to use it with another girl. That got me thinking that maybe it's weird for him to have me wearing lingerie that I used with another guy.


haha, caro I completely understand. I'm the type of girl that can't find a bra small enough for me even in a specialty shop! It's really a problem when it comes to wearing clothes that need more than the ordinary bra. Plus then I don't have any nice bras really because I don't see the point in spending all that money on something that doesn't even really fit me anyway.

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Yeah I see a real difference between a toy and lingerie. The thought of using a sex toy used by my partner on his ex just makes me shudder. WHERE has it BEEN? Yeugh.


It's not like the lingerie you are using was worn by your ex was it? It was probably just taken OFF you BY the ex.


Not the same thing!

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I kinda felt skeeved at the idea myself... I kept my underwear, but the night-wear I bought to wear for him? I threw those out when the relationship ended and went back to my comfy but unsexy pjs


When I am in a relationship when he might see me at bedtime, then I'll get something new

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I see what you mean by a toy and lingerie being different. Just to clarify though...the toy we were talking about was handcuffs...so it wasn't anything too actively used I guess you would say. I don't know if that makes a difference to anyone though.


Okay handcuffs are different then . Makes a difference to me from the yucky perspective, but I can still see why it's not somewhere you want to go. Better to start fresh.

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Does your bed smell like her too?


Actually, how did you get rid of the smell of his cologne?



I wash my sheets....

but I dont like to.. I like being able to smell him... the new one, anyways


acutally, I LOVED how my ex smelt, seeing as I bought him my favourite manfume...

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I'd replace handcuffs as well but not lingerie, if that makes any sense? I dont know I guess to me I just see the two as totally different things. If my current bf and I split up i'd probably keep the handcuffs I have now but just wouldnt use them with my new partner. The only way i'd replace the lingerie is if the guy bought it for me but in my case i've bought all mine.

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The only way i'd replace the lingerie is if the guy bought it for me but in my case i've bought all mine.


I think that makes the most sense.


You know I've never even thought about this topic until now, I'm not sure how I feel about it. I think it wouldn't bother me because the person she'd be wearing it for would be me, not her ex.


Ok, I need to stop thinking about this cause it's taking my mind to a naughty place.

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Yeah, it really wouldn't bother me. I am not gonna throw out all of my underwear. Do you guys know how much underwear costs these days?



Exactly, LOL Underwear is VERY expensive especially the nice stuff.


I see it this way, I dont ask my bf to throw out all of his boxers that his ex's saw him in (and possibly done more in but I try not thinking of that aspect.. ew) so why would he expect me to throw mine out? Given it is sexier but still?!

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