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Amazing girl...amazing time...need some amazing guidance

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Hey all. Life has been really, really good recently and of course...it is because of a certain lady-friend.


Nutshell story:


NOTE: She just got out of a relationship about 3 weeks ago. It ended pretty messy. I have done my best to not put any pressure on her and for her to let me know when things feel comfortable for her.


Another note: We are both 20.


She started with the company I work for about 2 weeks ago. We are both pretty new to the company, so that is something we shared right off the bat. I just started chatting with her on a daily basis and finally worked up the courage to ask her out. She gave me one of those looks like "I guess I will go out with you..." .


Anyways, I asked her out on Sunday and last night we had our first date. When I picked her up, I tossed her a quarter and told her to flip it. Heads, we go north, Tails, we go east. Each direction had a series of activities planned. Well, the coin landed Tails and we made our way to Fiddlesticks (a family amusement place...has miniature golf, go-karts, etc.) We literally had a blast and we were just cracking up and messing around. It was probably one of the best times of my life...hell, my jaw still hurts from all the laughing. After we were done there, we headed out for some food. She was craving seafood, so we went to a great seafood place that I knew of. We literally spent an hour and a half just talking about politics, relationships, etc. Little did I know, the things we had in common were just starting. (Same political views, same views on relationships...I mean, if I had to pick a woman out, she would be exactly like her.) After getting full on conversation and food, we decided to head to Blockbuster and grab a couple movies and then head back to my place.


We were halfway through the first movie, when the most unexpected thing happen...we kissed. It was not forced...not one-sided. Completely mutual.

She laid my arms throughout most of the evening and we ended up falling asleep. She got restless about 4:30am this morning and asked me to drive her home. I had no issue with that and drove her home. Upon arrival and we kissed and she went inside.


At about 5am, on the way back home, I really wondered whether all of this really happened. Hell, knowing my luck, I could have dreamed it all up


Anyways, I am heading over to her place this evening and we are kicking it with her family. Just watching movies and enjoying one another's company.


Alright now that I got the story out of the way, I have some questions regarding the progression of the relationship because I have been out of the game so long.


  • Could she still be on the rebound from her past relationship, or do you think because of the actions from yesterday evening, that she is over that and ready to move on?
  • How should the work relationship be approached? Do I keep it to myself that we are dating? Should I chat with her about how we should approach it?
  • With Valentine's Day approaching, what would be the best course of action? Obviously I would love to spend that day with her, but what would be proper, given we would only have been dating for a week or two?


Those are the questions that have been on my mind today. If I think of anymore, I will be sure to write them down and put them up here.


Thanks in advance for all of your help guys!

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I have to say just from my experience with my boyfriend (I had just gotten out of a really bad relationship before him) and how we hooked up, which is very similar to your situation, dont think about being a rebound. Yeah its a possibility, but from the sounds of it you guys really hit it off. Just from having such a good time with her and her having a good time with you, I;m sure she knows that you are better than the last guy.

As for approaching the relationship...I say wait just a bit. Keep dating and hanging out, then you can really show her how good of a guy you are. Put it in her head "wow, if he is this great to date, I wonder..." ya know what I mean? Oh yeah, for valentines, if it were me, I would want you to show me that I am special. Dont make too big of a deal out of it, flowers and a stuffed animal or something ( If youre reading this babe, hint hint). Or you can make it really special and ask her to be officially yours that night. Congrats on finding a mate buddy, and hope all goes well

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It sounds like you two have really hit it off! And the fact that she wants you to hang out with her family is definitely a good sign. The only thing I would be wary of is the 3 week thing. Depending on how long she was with her ex, that's not a long time at all. I'm not saying you're a rebound, but depending on why they broke up and how long they were together...that might not be enough time for her to truly move on. She could still have some issues from that relationship that she needs to resolve.

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Of course, nothing ever goes my way.


Yesterday, she stated that she was thinking about her ex-boyfriend during our entire date. Chock one up for Team Loser.


She stated that she needs some time, so I am just going to let it go. She comes back to me with her on straight, then we have something to talk about.


Someone tell me if I am on point or way off base.



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