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Hello everyone! I am new here for the past two days and just wanted to express my appreciation to you all for posting here.


I find it comforting to read posts from men (me being a woman) and how they too have deep regrets, heartache, etc. from ending relationships.


I am finding so much comfort here. Not the 'ol "misery loves company" comfort because I get tears just from reading posts here and wish no one had to go through this pain and agony of ending relationships or the cycle of make-ups and break-ups.


I'm just glad I found you all. Thanks and I hope to enter a profile soon. It's just that I am 53 and feel like 33 and don't want everyone to get the wrong impression of me.

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Dear CL-I am also an All American Dog Lover....and I am no kid I am almost 45 going on 33! Sometimes 10! LOL. I too have become close to some of the people here especailly the ones who don't say what I want to hear! Hang in there babe. It all gets better...Now go give your pooches a big sloppy one!

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