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Why do men always say..

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LOL@Ferrari comment. I think he needs a lesson in tact.


Don't worry about it, though, honestly. As you say, he can't keep his hands off you, and that's what counts; he shows you that you're attractive to him. It's possible to be attracted to many different types, so I don't think the apparent inconsistency should overly worry you.


BTW: why do women always say "why do men always say"?

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I can relate to your boyfriend, society tells us that something specific is attractive and thereforeeee, that's what we believe. Pretty much every man on the planet knows that those women are attractive because that's what society tells us so we go along with it. If you grab a hand full of women with differant ethnicities, body types, facial shapes, and put them in a room with the above listed women... Then you put a man in the room and make him pick one, the majority of the men have something very specific they like and probably won't be going for the models... They are more common and generic because we see them all the time. Still nice to look at though. Sounds like he's a lucky man though because it sounds like he know's exactly what he wants and you're it. Smile francis, you're lucky to have eachother If you don't like the images, I bet he'd take them down.

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ohmigoodness Francis!!


We have very similar measurements - cept I'm 2" taller. But my husband says ALL the time how attractive he thinks I am, how attracted to me he is, how I'm PERFECK for him etc....and then DROOLS over the likes of Eliza Duschcu (sp?) She's soooo thin! I'm so the OPPOSITE of thin.


I really think he IS attracted to me and really doesn't at all care that I'm quite a bit chubbier than her or the loads of other girls he oogles. And I don't care anymore, I'm done comparing myself to them.


You should be too.....

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A lot fo guys have a certain type, but we just like looking at women, all women.


I like redheards. My girlfriend has red hair. But that doesn't mean I don't find non redheads attractive.


It doesn't sound like he is being mean about it. If he told you you were his type, then said something like "I wish you were more like..." then you would have a reason to be upset. But he tells you he likes how you look, and "can't keep his hands off you." You are act6ually very lucky. There are so many guys out there who ogle celebrities and then expect their girlfriends to look like that. At least he isn't trying to change you.

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Thank you for your replies, you have made me feel a lot better about this. I guess I just get paranoid sometimes... we have all heard that song "if you wanna be happy for the rest of your life.. never make a pretty woman your wife.."


mnnnn : (





Well I never....I have a feeling you are very beautiful - inside and out. And I think you will make someone a lovely bride some day -

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I know how he exactly feels. Like in another thread I mentioned, Jennifer Connelly and my long time idol was Sarah Michelle Gellar all made me think the possibilities of dating them LOL.


Yes....the supermodels makes us guys go WHOA *drool* but in the long term the looks, the physique, the Hollywood look gets boring VERY fast. My ex g/f in fact was so skinny I told her to get fat literally. She was size zero & even after gaining few pounds at size three I was still telling her the same. She was weak and always tired because of how skinny she was.


Of course there are guys that love that skinny or the petite type, but I don't. I wasn't born to grab their hip bones nor hold their arms that feel like chopsticks LOL.

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I would say you have nothing to be insecure about, it sounds like he's mad into you. The fact that you know you are his "type" should allay all worries!

I wouldn't worry about him ogling celebrity pictures... It doesn't mean he wants you to look like them or that he would prefer have someone who looked like them

He just doesn't really have tact as someone else said.. Maybe Ferrari was a bad example for him to use, but I'm sure what he meant was that while the smell walking past McDonalds sometimes makes one really feel like a Big Mac, everyone would prefer have a lovely juicy steak in a proper restaurant!

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One of my closest friends married a man about 4 years ago. When they married she was average weight. Within about a year she had ballooned about 50 pounds - because she had terminal cancer, and that was the effect of the drug therapy. Then, she lost so much weight she was emaciated. A few months later, she died. I am so thankful she married a man who loved her for her - heavy, thin, emaciated, obese - and not because she fit some "type." I would be very careful with this guy - sounds like he is heavily focused on looks and "type" - watch out if you stop being his "type" - whether you gain more weight or lose more weight such that you are not his "type."

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