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Hey everyone...


As you might remember i posted before on getting my girl back...(I'm so sorry for what i have done... well in that i stated that i was going to see her and try to sort things out... I went there sorted one problem out but then in that created a bigger problem, you see i am not at all familliar with trying to sort things out, usually i would just let go and move on but this girl stole my heart and i am willing to do anything for her... The problem started when i confronted her with an isseu concerning another guy.... U see i live in a city and when somebody tells you that your girl is cheating or fooling around with other guys then u can almost put money on it that it is true but since she lives in a small town and things are diff i aproached the case like i would here direct and to the point... I found out that the girls telling me this liked me and also didn't like her a whole lot.... I found out that when you do something in a small town everyone knows about it and i grew up in the city.... So she got angry at me for believing it just like that, and she doesn't want to talk to me anymore.... Now i guess your answer to this would be look away let go and move on....That would be very convinient if only i could, i'm far from the move on part and also dislike letting things dangle in the air.... I love this girl soooooooo much and dont want to lose her, i did however show her that i would do anything for her and was getting the feeling that she was using that to get back at me so she phoned me the other night and i told her that i hated the fact that she always gets pissed off when in fact i should and told her that sometimes it's expected of her to say sorry too.... Told her that in a relationship with no problems and fights things are hidden and that is'nt very healthy... She would ussually put the phone down when i address these isseus but she didn't she let me finish and she actually opened up and told me how she feels about certain things i did and for that i said sorry.... I dont know what to do further, i think she is still mad but i cant be sure since i spoke to her on sunday night last....Can someone plz tell me what i should do because it looks to me like everything i do is a mistake.... plz girls help me out here...

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