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In my next relationship I will....


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take it slower

be honest about my need for emotional support

give him and myself more space

stress how important communication is to me

find someone will similar life goals

be emotionally present to myself

let go of a lot more stuff

have more fun

find someone who is already emotionally available not try to make him be it

be kinder to myself

express my anger better

date someone older, more experienced


what will you do differently?

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All of the above, possibly apart from the last (an excellent list!). Plus one or two othere that probably overlap to some degree


Remember how I was at the beginning and try to remain that way

Don't forget about other people

Continue to work on myself

Learn ways of communicating

Learn to share a common dream

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I'm not single, but I am going to list the things I am doing differently in my current relationship that I had to work on since my last one (which is why this one is lasting way longer, 1.5 years).



-Realizing which expectations of mine are rational or irrational

-Thinking about long term compatibility instead of short term

-Not blowing up when something bothers me...being more compassionate about his situations

-Being more carefree and having fun more

-Letting the relationship take its own course, not forcing it

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