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i didnt no where to class this


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First off..it really depends on the culture you were raised in because a lot of Hispanic and Italians Kiss on the cheeks and hug at most meeting. BUt in America..


HELL YEAH.. that's flirting.


If your holding hands with someone..I think its a little much. BUt like I said that's america.


In different parts of the country people hold hands and kiss there own brothers and sisters on the lips. So tell me more about where you are and where you are from before I can get into details about this..

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Depends on the people involved as well as the situation itself. For instense me and two of my girl friends are at the store we link arms and skip to the doors laughing and singing (badly) "we're off to see the wizard", that is not flirting. Then we have situation number two a man and a woman are in the same situation the woman reaches out and takes his hand there is no joke there no intention of jest, that is flirting.Where the kiss is placed is very importanta quick peck on the cheek with a short firm embrass is a greeting between sibblings and relatives or very close friends. A slow kiss or lingering embrass is deffinitely flirting. Yes it is very hard to say which one is which so in uncertain company say that of some one who may miss understand it is ussual best to share a brief hug and let it go at that. If it is your date that is giving you grief after the hug reasure them but innitiating contact with them link arms or hands to let it be know you are with some one.

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Okay well pimpcess has a very different opinion!!


I'm sooo touchy feely, all my friends, male and female, I hug, put my arm around, kiss, hold hands, its just my way of showing affection. I dont think theres anything wrong with it... there the same back 2 me.. its nice, I'm in the U.K and its seen as a 'reserved' country but I couldn't disagree more!!



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as an addition to my comment i so agree with pimpcess you go girl (we are like that in the u.k but i also agree with sweetypie it does change with culture...like that advert (the one with the hand gestures and showing your feet its ok in one part of the world but rude in another!) slightly confusing but thats the way it is.


so slight contradiction.


but like always it depends upon the situation.



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