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Plan Ruined, Need Help On My Next One Please!

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this is the first time i've written under this name, but its not the first time ive posted on here. anyway. i had this plan to surprise my girlfriend. i was going to write a note and put it in a bottle. i was then going to set it just at the edge of the water where the beach starts. then as we were walking the beach, stumble accross it. she wouls be currious, i would act it too. then she'd open it and read it. i was going to have it say all this about "the girl i love" then towards the bottom say her name or something so she knows the girl being talked about was her the whole time.


but some website she found had something very similar and she read it, so now she'd expect it and it's ruined. i cant do that one now.


so i need something BIG and inexpenisive i can do to surprise her now.


im actually really upset that it got messed up, so i need something new now..thanks

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ok well here's my idea


When she opens her computer just have the background changed with the message you want to tell her. Its going to surprise her to say the least, do it with a wonderfull picture and it should be fun =) yeah probably not what you had in mind, but only inexpensive thing i could think of other then sending an airplane in the sky drawing 'i love you' with smoke in the air =) lol

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A surprise on the PC doesn't sound too romantic... maybe leave something on her desk at work or something?



im 18 and she's 17. she doesnt work or anything...so i really couldnt do that. the one thing i am doing is this: she's in marching band and she plays piccolo. she has her piccolo case sitting on her bookshelf under some papers and stuff right now. ive put a small note in the case so when band camp starts again next spring she'll find it.


but i need something else to do in the near future too. im thinking about making a slideshow set to music for valentines day too.

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as she expects it con her.

instead of one bottle ... do 3 bottles.

1st bottle have a msg that says, "sucked in, you thought that there is going to be something romantic in this bottle!!" that will get a laugh.

walk further and pick up another bottle "Here's hoping!!! keep dreaming!!"

walk further and another bottle "Since you are so determined, here is a treasure map," Ps the treasure has to be your home or her home so no one else can steal it.. For the 3rd bottle have a backup map incase someone else picks it up.

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