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My last day being pregnant!!

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Tomorrow's the day!


I go in tomorrow at 5:00 AM to get induced. I'm so terrified...my entire life is about to change.


I mean, you KNOW it is the entire nine months you're pregnant, but now it's actually happening. I'm going to see his little face, be able to count his fingers and toes, and know what it's like to be a mother. AH that gives me goosebumps!!


Thanks to everyone who helped me through this, it definently was not an easy nine months for me...I've changed so much! I'm so happy I found this site.


I'll update as soon as I can...ah this is so nerve-racking.


2/07/2007 is such a cool birthday.

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Thanks BTR!


Can't wait to see your little munchkin!


You will do great!


Remember your breathing excercises, and if you can stand it, crouching is the best birthing position, it opens your pelvic outlet by 28% and keeps the labor rocking along, whereas being on your back and actually slow things down a bit!


(and as long as they let you after being induced, walk around and change your position frequently... to help keep things moving..)

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OMG THIS IS SOOOOOOO EXCITING. I'm pure goosebumps>>>>> I can't wait to hear what his name will be and how much he weighs! OH BTR, CONGRATULATIONS! I am sooooooooooooooo incredibly happy for you both!!!


And Hope, GOOD LUCK - I'm sure you will ace your boards!!! YOu are one sharp cookie!!!

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COngratulations BTR!!


As they say, you've come a long way, baby!


I will say a little prayer for you tonight,


and be thinking of you as I take my national nursing boards exam tomorrow morning!


2-7-07 is going to be a great day for both of us!!




Hope, good luck with your nursing boards tomorrow!



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Good Luck!!! Hope everything goes swimmingly for you! And wow...you get to have the whole baby thing! My sister had a baby in July and the whole time from then to now, watching him grow is just the most amazing thing to watch! And you get to be there all the time. Unfair. *sulks*


You threw me a bit there with the 2/07/2007 thing. I thought "What?! It is most definitely not July. Buh?! Oh." Teehee...I could get so easily duped into giving americans birthday presents when it's not their birthday. However I rarely meet anyone from outside europe, so I think I'm safe....




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