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Thoughts on my band

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I joined this band as a drummer last year, and things are starting to pick up. We just finished recording our CD, and should be coming out soon. The leader of the band is really hoping for big things. Our last show we had an A&R guy check us out. He is going to meet with the leader next week. This may be something big. I am not getting my hopes up, but you never know. I am a little scared, because what if we get signed. Do I leave my job. I know that seems like a no-brainer, but I have a decent paying job, and lots of bills. I am single, but I am 37 years old, and want to eventually have a family.


Anyway, this is all hypothetical. We all know making it in the music is a huge longshot, but there is a nice buzz going around our band. Check us out, and let me know what you think. Please be completely honest. If its not your thing please say so. If you think its great, good, O.K. I would love to get a gauge. Anyway, here is the link.


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Let's start off with everyone else. Are they single and around your age? If none of them are single than the band is screwed. Being signed is like signing your life away. Seriously. All you do is tour and tour for the first 2 years. Especially if you are a newer band. You're professionally musicians.

You are better off having a family later. I mean, seriously, if you get signed then a lot more women will know who you are and you'll have better chances.

Here's another thing...don't let your "leader" talk with the A&R guy alone. Don't ever do that...because, he probably has something up his sleeve. All members of the band needs to be there. And you because you're a drummer needs to be on the good side with him. There might be a "pop singer" that needs a fresh new touring/studio drummer!

Honestly...many people don't know this....but many labels sign bands just to get one person. Later the labels can use them for anything they want...as long as they are still under contract. Most become producers as well.

But...sadly to say....if you don't get signed it's because of two things.

1. The band's overall age

2. The wives/girlfriends will convince your members not to

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Thanks so much,


If you guys do have myspace, and make a comment on our page, please don't say anything about me being on this site. I know its a longshot, but my singer may ask you how did you find out about us, and you may mention I told you guys about it. I know I sound paranoid, but I don't want my ex to find out I'm here.



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No... but the more I think about it... I should be.

I graduated from MTSU (Middle Tennessee State University( 30 minutes away from Nashville))... I actually went there for the recording industy. I took a bunch of classes and I decided I didn't want to be in it anymore...I didn't do too well in copyright law...but most people either fail or gets a D there first time. I said...screw it. I ended up changing my major like 5 times because I didn't care...I was in a band and I just wanted to play... well, that's a different story.

I took enough classes to get a better understanding about the biz. Also, through my years I've became friends with people who ended up getting "signed." I kept on hearing the same stories and it doesn't hurt to still be in contact with people who eventually graduated in the program.

I kind of regret not finishing it. One day though, I'll have my own label. Takes a lot of money (throwaway money) dedication, and patience.

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