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I'm a ghost...

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I've noticed something ever since I moved to this college. Everytime I try to socialize and speak up, I get knocked down. Not literally, of course. Whenever I try to say something to a dormmate or friends of dormmates/friends, I get ignored. I try speaking up, but I just don't get noticed. It's like I'm a ghost to them. I'm not a very social person at all, so I've been trying to become more social lately. How am I suppose to become more social if I keep getting ignored everytime I speak? I envy all my really social and popular "friends" (I put friends in quote cause sometimes I don't know if they even treat me like a friend when it comes to conversations) whenever I see them talking to all kinds of people I don't even know and people actually pay attention to them. What am I suppose to do?

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I know, it's very tough. In certain circles I feel like I'm an outcast, but in other circles I'm one of the more popular! It's strange, really. You have to find a social group that will accept you and help fit you in. It's tough. I went on a College trip recently not knowing anybody and even the LOSER of the group shunned me, who happened to be my room mate. That is of course, until I MADE friends, at which point he felt like a tag along.


So it's tough, but just get yourself out there. There are probably a lot of talks and presentations and such that interest you around campus. Go to one of them and try to strike up a conversation about the material with a few people. And don't always be too serious. Light and breezy is best...people don't want to wade through molasses.

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lifestream is dead-on...

I know what you're going through. I went through the same last year.


Overall, are you happy with your school? Your life?


For me, it took changing schools. The university I went to last year (michigan state)...the people were shallow, rude and just unpleasant in general... Now I go to a smaller school and I've never been happier.


My advice is to make ONE good friend... and from there, meet his/her friends and so on... Do you have any friends from highschool going to that university? Maybe they could introduce you.


you could join a club or a sports team. Mingle with people who have similar interests.

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