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Are Asians just unattactive to Caucasians?


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I was born in Australia, but because I am Asian, I feel that caucasian women don't me a second glance, nor would consider dating me. I mean... how many interracial couples do you see where the guy is asian, and the girl is white.


PS - I've seen that humorous video 'Yellow Fever' already!


I'm caucasian (and Australian) and I've had two Asian boyfriends. One of my friends was recently in a relationship ship with an Asian guy (she is Caucasian). I agree that it's not all that common to see couples where the guy is Asian and the girl is white, but I think it is becoming more common. I'm not so sure it's because we don't give Asian guys a second glance though... maybe there's a misconception on both sides that the other might not be interested?

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