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ive got a problem and i need some of yer help. ive always been shy- all my life- but whe it came to public situations i always put on this other face- something of a classclown- now that ive graduated- just a nut- anyway- ive been thinking lots and i keep seeing myself saying goofy things to express my deepest feelings- kinda like a mask to protect myself i guess.

the people i am closest to have no idea of who i really am- there is one girl im crazy about- and my closes frineds i just wanna tell i love em- but i dont know what will happen?? i mean this girl cristi is so sweet- she knows i am nuts over her- and i may have implied it too much- but i wanna say it seriously once. its at a point where i dont even know if once more will be one more too many. with my friends i dont know if it will change anything at all. i love them all the same- but this girl is more of an issue (wow- i bet you didnt see that coming!haha). i dont wanna lose her but as a friend i cannot be there the same as i could if she knew how i felt and would work with me. i know its her choice- but it hurt sot think of her with siome nut or something alll because i never was honest about my feelings. i dunno? i hope you get what i mean. i want people to be happy- but i wanna be happy too? i dont know if i should say anything?



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hey there

you are saying that you are totaly crasy about the girl, if so, then go get her main, be serious, all the time u didnt tell her u love her, its like u never loved her at all, go tell her...

maybe your proplem is trust, u cant turst others in oreder to tell them your true feelings or u r just too afraid to tell ur feeling or simply you just dont know how to express them, i can tell you that i had the same proplem, now im a little bet beter, just trust in the person in front f u, there is no need to be afraid or something, show others the true you, and leave them with the thought that you are the one who doesnt care about anything couse that isnt true and you do care about them, show ur feelings, that is not gonna bite you and you wont lose anything if u did, just calmn down, and try to express ur self, if u cant talk, try to write them down first or something, no matter what, just do it man

about cristi, if u really love her then you should go tell her before its too late (even if u think u know)

best wishs

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Hi Joel hummm yours is an interesting delema. My oppinion is to try writing it out a few times sort through your emotions. It isn't easy wear that mask I know I wore one for over a decade. My mask was very hummm well I was strange and very blunt. I didn't want people to know how afraid I was. It wasn't until I became a christian and met my husband that I began to peek around the edges, so to speak. I am not saying that you should go on some religious quest or run out and get married but if this Christi is as sweet as you say she may be the start. Try taking her off to the side and talk or do something sweet. What that something is depends on you and her. Any suggestions I might make now would be premature. I wouldn't mind talking if you want to pm me.

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