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Together for 3 years and probs with his friends


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Hey Guys


Im new here and have a question.

I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years now, we were 18 when we started going out and it was after high school had finished so there was none of the gossiping involved which can break up young relationships.

for the last year we have been living together and I love it, we do have more fights but we generally solve these pretty quickly.

We talk about marriage and our future together and he has said many times he wants to spend the rest of his life with me.

I just have one problem...his friends, and how dissrespectful they are.

A couple months ago we made some plans to get some DVDs and hang out together at home. One of his mates who lives a couple hours away sent him an text message and said Hey bro im coming round u at home...and he wrote back saying yes I am, completely forgetting about our plans (even if they werent big ones). I got pretty upset and in the end the friend didnt come.

There has been a few times where he has dropped everything just coz of his so called friends.


There is one other friend who never even acknowledges me, not a hi, not a smile not ANYTHING! I feel like after 3 yrs of being together I deserve at least a smile.


Then there are his "female" friends, who are sticky as glue and the few times we do see them its all HUGGY HUGGY and i dont really like it.


I have never told him to not go out with his friends or anything like that, but i just feel like people dont see us as being serious and wonder why he is even with me in the first place. i dont feel equal when im with them and i totally lose my confidence, like i have to prove somthing,


It really hurts me when his friends ignore me, or they dont invite me to get togethers, and also when some of these girls he says 2 times a year are considered "friends" and appparantly he "cant just go cold turkey". I just dont see how he sees some of these people as friends when they hardly ever invite him anywhere, forget his birthdays and they dont know anything personal about him...those arent real friends to me, they are acquaintances and he almost worships them!


How hard is it NOT to reach out his arms for a warm hug.

I feel like when i talk to him about this, that im over reacting or im expecting too much. Am i?


I want to marry this guy, i love him so much and he is great but i just feel like when the friends come into the picture that whole picture comes crashing down and i feel like im in high school again.


How can I resolve this... is it up to him to chat to his friends?

Am I overreacting...

any input would be great.


Thank you!

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