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PLz help tell me what is going and should i just leave her

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Hey there everyone i have been with a my g/f for about two month in a long distance relationship. My g/f can't call me b/c she said her mom told her not make any long distace calls at all she hasn't called me for four weeks straight.. Everytime i call her my g/f and her friend always ends up arguing about issue that they have with trusting each other. I called her two days ago i found out from my g/f's friend that her dad is blocking the long distnace incoming calls and also from calling out as well When i called her and told her to find a way or us to keep in contact she said she would try to find a way and the next day i got an email from her sayign she needs to get some money and she said she would try to get the phonecard and try to call me but to me i don't think she is trying that hard and by the way she is 16. At the same time while my g/f and her friend amber were arguing, my g/f friend said to my g/f iam going to tell ur b/f all your secrets and she just keep her mouth like dead silent. My g/f mom lives with her friend dad. And yesterday we talk online she told me that she had to go but after that she never came back on at al after that. I need advise on whether to let go of the relationsip or keep it going and if i do need to keep it going i need soem advise on what i should do about the situation?

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The ol' I can't call you routine huh?


Well lets anaylize the evidence you brought forth here in "FORUM COURT"


Keep in mind that she is only 16 and that if she is not chipping in then her parents make all the say...in her life. However that should not be as big of a worry to you as her best friend threatening to spill the beans.

WHAT BEANS are there to spill? humm. That part makes me wonder. I would not exactly let her go..but if you are also 16 I would say you need to date more then just one person. It is not wise to put so much into a relationship at your age. Not to say that your feelings for her are not real...but at this time in your life, a serious commitment..may be a bit too much. Relax and pay more attention to your future, and your school work. If she really cares for you ..(a two months is not long enough to know for sure your future with her) then she will make an attempt to contact you. I would try to be still. Try to relax and enjoy the times you do speak to her, don't fret the times you dont.

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