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WEll its been 2 months since i seen her and we broke up....some contact here and there roller coaster of thoughts


I MISS HER STILL i have talked to a few girls....went on some dates every girl i talk to i compare to her and ye si know its what you do but her classyness her beauty her qulaities our closeness makes me pick these others apart


what do i do ? do i do a hail mary and call her....yeah right!!!


i am trying to move and accept that it didnt work for the second time


but just last week she emailed me about some things to return....she was a bit bitter but she said "of course i miss you too



it just sucks!!!!!!

this has been a tough two years since i met her and already breaking up once last year this time.......here i am again and i still love her and miss her but dont have her whats wrong with me?

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Not a thing's wrong with you. It hurts, 'specially the second time through. I do know that that frantic roller coaster of thoughts seems to slow down in direct proportion to how little you see/ talk to her.


Maybe it's too soon to be dating if you find yourself comparing these other women to her too much, dunno.

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Hey KI-


I've been following your story since the beginning and you're doing better my friend. Not too long ago, you were on emotional life support. I see more signs of life here...


Two months removed from a 2 year basis of attachment is not that long at all. Take it easy on yourself with the time issue here...it'll happen...


Aside from that, the best advice I have for you is to toughen up. Yep, this situation sucks. That's life my friend. Tough times call for tough measures by tough people and you can certainly decide and act on such a decision to be one of those people...

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