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Any bright ideas? I know there are a lot of creative people hanging around here!


I've just lost my fizzle, my bang, my gusto. In my better moments, I can do some remarkable things, but if I don't have a creative outlet that pumps out from real passion, I seem to turn a little looney and wild.

Not in a good way. At its worse, it's depression and apathy and all that loveliness.


What I'm looking for is to find some new 'it's. Things that I can pour my heart into.


Currently, I am losing my spark for my work. It's time for a change, and honestly, I'm still hesistating on what path to take.


I'm taking pause for brainstorming and seeing what is out there. But feel 'stuck' as to how to get going and where to go. Just need ideas, something to get my juices flowing to start...


Other than that, I'm talking basic activities that bring meaning to life.


I"M BORED. lol. My old interests aren't making me happy anymore.


What do you do when you are stuck? Just go through phone books and pick something you have never tried before?

Ask friends?

Go on a mini vacation to get a chance of perspective?


thanks . . !!

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Are there things you've wanted to try but never have? Do your friends have any unique hobbies? I don't know what oulets you've tried yet, but things like knitting, pottery, and painting are great because you can create new things over and over. I knit and it's great because you can learn all these new patterns and things to make, and it's fun every time. Plus then you can make gifts for friends, knit a scarf for that new coat you bought, or donate things to homeless shelters.

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I really don't mean what I am about to write, sarcastically, BUT...IT IS SO NICE to READ that some other person is going through this same thing. IT doesn't make me feel so out of place. Well, I may be the reason I am going through it, but I am not the reasoon you are.


Seriously, I am older and have grownup (barely) kids. I am still fairly young (had kids at a really young age) but have really been feeling like a child, because of feeling like what you posted in the original post.


Although, I have been getting bored with everything lately and while I know I am anxious and have a little ADD, I know I need to work harder at changing things. I also know that I live in the past, a lot. Being recently burdened with the fact that ex-girlie has her BF living in our old place and the fact that I just had to move everything to the area I now live in, adds to it.


I want to learn the piano, so maybe a musical instrument will help. Also, maybe taking care of some higher level education will make me feel better.


I will keep coming back in here and taking some of your suggestions for myself. That way, I don't have to look at everyone else and wonder how they keep it together and seem to enjoy life so much!!!

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Im an artist and often feel that slump your talking about. Its very frustrating at times and the longer I let it go on, it seems Im digging myself deeper into a hole. I find that spending time outdoors can be very inspiring! Not only is it good to get fresh air and excersize but there is beauty and art in all around us. I see it when I go canoeing, on a hike, or a bike ride. I sometimes bring my camera. I look closely at things many people probably go right past. Im sure many people think Im a weirdo when I stand there staring at an old rusting tin roof or tree bark But I dont care.


So once you find your inspiration, what to do with it? Have you tried pottery? That can be pretty fun. Painting- Stained Glass- Writting- Landscaping- These are some of the things I enjoy doing when I feel inspired.


Hope this helps!

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Thanks, this is getting me going. Giving me ideas to try.


Need2bme, ha! Your post was such a relief to me because I so often have felt like having slumps "was not acceptable" - nevermind talking about it!

But, hey, look around, we all go through times like these, so I figured, why not put myself out there so I can get the kick in the butt I need?

Otherwise I end up marinating in my boredom...and that ends bad...!


I have knitted in the past, and actually was taking long lingering looks at some really gorgeous balls of yarn recently. But then I was like, ahhhh, need something different. That seems to be my running theme lately: wanting novelty.


That helps me clarify.


Now, music and art I love. Always have. And the outdoors. Mind is flowing now...sometimes I work weird hours, and it being freezing winter here, I get to see the city during some spectacular hours when most of the world is asleep. I keep meaning to take some pictures, feeling that there is something important there I need to run off of, but haven't.


I think I will do that tomorrow and see where that leads me. It's a start.


I just need to get trying, I think. My love for my computer is becoming like an embarrassing mini obsession, like that crutch to always go back to.


More brainstorming and ideas are most welcome and appreciated! It's inspiring to hear what others are doing to keep their passions flowing freely.

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Hey itsallgrand,


I relate. Sorry, no real ideas though .


I basically am on the cusp of big life stuff (house buying, babies) but nothing has happened yet, and I am also part of the pre-merger undead at my work. So nothing to do.


I started my painting again a little while ago - that's fun sometimes. I have spoiled myself on books I enjoy - not an outlet but I get to revel in other people's articulateness. I fantasise about being thinner and that kind of useful stuff .


Oh, I thought I might do some form of study again but haven't found an avenue yet. I emailed a professor who wrote I book I liked, asking him for suggested reading. He has not come back to me but it's ealy days.


Do you feel an affinity for the intellectual? The physical? Crafty or arty? Acting/singing? My guy took singing lessons and loved it. How about learning a language? Salsa classes?


Travel! How about booking a trip to somewhere you've never been, in six months or so? That can be a great project and can then lead to language learning, people meeting etc...

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I'm in a slump myself, and haven't been active at the array of hobbies I once enjoyed. I sold off many of my power tools, toys and sporting goods to simplify my life.


Hiking, biking and being outdoors are my thing, and being unemployed should give me plenty of time for that but I'm stuck doing paperwork, procrastinating and soulsearching.


Attention span is almost nil, and as a graphic artist, I gots no mojo at all.


I have some drafts of writing projects, gardening, automotive projects and reading staring at me, and all I wanna do is hike, ride my moto and smoke cigars. At least those never fail me.

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Dako: I hear ya, but how do you turn it back on? See, quite a few people on here post about being secure in yourself and knowing you. Then, all will be well in the world and you will be one with the universe.


Now, I believe that to a certain extent, but I also KNOW that when I was with my friends all the time and felt appreciated AND had a wonderful relationship, I was more productive.


Maybe it all goes hand in hand and we just have to be able to catch what we need to change in anything in our lives, in time. Now, the trick would be to recognize it. I am realizing that I am the kind of person who loves human contact and sometimes needs it.


Right now though, I am SOOOO unmotivated and have been for almost 2.5 years. So, is it possibly an age thing?

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I'm trying to find my ON switch.


Today I'm looking for work. I'm so down on myself, and employers want the moon for peanut wages. After decades at my career I need a change.

Everyone wants an energetic, sparkling, eager, dyanamic fast learner who takes charge and impresses everyone with magic for $11 hr.



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Well, I got my butt out there and took some pics. Even thinking, maybe at some point will post actual pics here, maybe even show my face at some point.


Dako, I hear ya, I hear ya. I'm on the prowl for new work too, and it requires so much bloody patience. Could rant all day about it, but won't.

I can offer you a virtual smile and beer though, to relax after all that. Congrats on getting your butt out there.


You too, need2beme. Half work, half forum is a lot of extra effort.

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