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I'm so tired I could just die. It just seems sometimes like there aren't enough hours in a day to do everything... Man, I study A LOT! I spend entire days studying almost from sunup to way past sundown, and it's still not enough. This is because I see it as my obligation, the only thing I've got. I don't have a job, so it'd be kinda unjustified for me to get crappy grades, and I don't have any friends to "waste my time with". Sometimes it is hard to concentrate, though... And I dunno what to do, because I'm sure that if I could concentrate better, maybe I'd have more time to do other things, or get more sleep. I guess what I'm saying is that at 19 I shouldn't be this tired, because I have many more years of this left (and it'll probably get worse when I get a job after college and stuff). I've only got 2 hobbies of which only 1 I get to practice daily: working out. Yeah, I pretty much do it as a hobby, cause I don't care anymore what I look like (I pretty much still think I look like crap, but I guess eventually, if I keep working out it'll get better, I guess I'm not in a rush anymore), and I'm in perfect health, etc.


I'm sorry, I'm just ranting cause I'm so tired. As usual, I don't expect many people reading this or replying. But It's just that one would think that a hermit like me would be able to take care of these tasks much more easily than anyone else. Truth is, it's not that easy to me, because I can't concentrate... So if anyone could give me some tips on how to focus and make the most out of time, that'd be swell.

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Nothing wrong with studying and being diligent, but you need to have a life too. It makes you more balanced, and I guarantee you will be MORE effective at studying in less time when you know you do not have all day, and also feel more balanced.


I have a really heavy courseload and studyload, but still ensure I have time to train/work out daily, to work, to spend time with friends, family and my boyfriend, and so on....I find if all I do is study, I get burnt out, bored and less motivated to do it. After all if I have all day, what does it matter if I am not too effective or concentrating well...


Even if not working, you can look at volunteering, joining some local intramural sports organizations (ie.through your college even), taking a hobby class (without exams!), etc. Ellie had some great ideas above too.

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Thank you so much for your replies.


It's just that this week started terribly wrong. I think I might be getting sick, cause I've got a slight sore throat, and I started the week beyond tired, and I usually start the week full of energy. In fact, I get mostly everything I need to do in the beginning of the week... This time, I'm just sitting here reading your replies and listening to music, but I'm still so tired I just wanna pass out or something, because I know that if I were to try to take a nap, I wouldn't be able to get a second's sleep (I just can't sleep during the day...). I do usually walk out in the fresh air, but not today, b/c it's too cold for me, and I think it's that walking in the cold that got me sick from last week, and now I might've caught something (plus the frostbite's killin me. My hands look like I'm gonna get gangrene or something, even though I wear a decent coat and gloves).


I dunno if I can get a life, though. I just don't feel much motivation towards human interaction. I wish I did, though. But I dunno what's happened this year, since I graduated from high school, my social life has gone from decent to terribly bad to much worse than that. I don't go out unless it is completely necessary, and don't spend more time around people than I need to.. I dunno, sometimes I find myself feeling really uncomfortable talking to people as if it's just not right, you know? Probably just me being paranoid, but I feel almost like they don't really care and might even think I'm a loser or something. It's been a while since I've made anyone laugh with me (as for laughing AT me, I really wouldn't know... I really pay little mind to what's going on around me most of the time when I'm around people, cause I'm either payin attention to the professor, or walking with my headphones on thinking about the song playing...)


I'm so sorry, and I apologize for sounding like I don't wanna helped, because I do want help. It's just that some of those suggestions sound very helpful, but being so related to people, I just don't feel motivated enough. I mean, people are always annoying to me (or maybe it's the dealing with them part that I find annoying because of what I described above), or best case scenario, they're boring. And I just can't deal with people I know I have so little in common with (and it might not be true, but sometimes I feel like that's 95% of the people on this world), because then I feel like I, myself, am being boring as well or maybe loserish or something.


thank you very much for your suggestions though.


LOL...wait until you have kids!!


Lol, don't think that'll happen ever. I mean, I don't really care whether I stay single and celibate for all my life, however much or little there might be left of it. Plus, I don't think I could handle a relationship. Heck, I couldn't even handle dating, or the pre-dating part more specifically, and life without the stress that comes with it is hard enough for me (I know I know. Some people will think "and what's so hard about it for you, you spoiled *insert insult here*. I work 180 jobs and have 27 mouths to feed all while going to school as well!" but maybe I'm just psychologically inferior and my central processor is not as advanced as yours and can't handle many things at once or something, whatever, I don't really care). So Unless I do like microorganisms do, I doubt I'll ever have to face that situation, fortunately (some people might disagree with that "fortunately" and that's ok. It's just my opinion. I only know how to take care of myself anyway).


Best wishes to all of you.

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Are you a freshman? I think everyone feels a bit decentered as they make the huge transition from high school to college. Give yourself a bit more time to adjust to life at uni ...


Hey, if you feel really sluggish, maybe you should go to the health center and consult with a doctor? Also drink lots of honey lemon tea; this usually helps me when I have a sore throat


Also, this may be a rather *silly* suggestion but how about watching sitcoms? Just the simple act of laughing helps us feel better! (I think I read somewhere about "laugh therapy" -- all they do is get together and laugh and laugh bc it's supposed to be therapeutic! Now THAT made me laugh


Feel better soon, SW!





Yeah I'm a freshman, well into 2nd semester already, and lol, actually, whenever I watch a movie or tv, 90% of the time it's comedy, cause I really need the laughs... So I don't find the suggestion silly at all, lol. It's just that I only have time to do that like on friday nights. If i do it anytime else during the week my gut just doesn't let me enjoy it, because there's always more stuff to study, more to read... I think I'll give the tea a try... Where can I get the stuff from?

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Just get honey and some lemon juice (y'know, the kind they sell in those lemon-shaped plastic bottles at the grocery store?) and pour hot water and voila! Lemon-honey tea!


Well I got one yesterday that was eucalyptus mint and supposedly is good for soothig and had vitamin c and zinc and stuff. I dunno how much it worked but it did help me get some sleep though, because I know that usually when I get sick I can't sleep, and last night, instead, I slept like a baby. I have never seen those lemon-shaped plastic bottles, though... Now I feel like checking it out.

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