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Ok, I have posted on here numerous times and I know it seems like I am going crazy and I guess I am. I need viewpoints big time so that maybe I will see a clear picture.....I posted my whole story somewhere on here under is there hope??? but anyway I was just wondering why a guy who is divorced from a woman who treated him bad, dated a girl he was set up with for a year and broke up with her one time and got back together but didnt really care about her would go out with me (I am the first girl he has been interested in and went after since his divorce) and tell me that he is happy than he has ever been and he loves me more than anyone he has ever been with and talked about marriage with me and discussed it with his parents and stuff but dumps me after four months. Our relationship went a little too fast anyway. I don't understand why he can stay with a girl he isnt really intersted in but find one that he loves and tells his past secrets too and then leaves????? I feel in my heart like he is scared and he is running or maybe trying to figure out if I am the right one before he gets hurt again. I still see him three times a week at church and we say hey to each other sometimes but that is about it. Most of the time to me he stands around after church looking at other people talk but don't really seem to be all that happy. He is a quiet guy but he does talk some to people. He didnt talk to me before we started dating until I was like right in front of him so he is not one to cross a big room and come talk to me whether he likes me or not. Sometimes he even leaves right after service is over. He just seems unhappy....does anyone have any advice for me on was is going on??? Is he scared and is there a chance of him coming back????????????

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hey there

i believe that you need to go to him and talk, just ask him why did he leave, what is going on? tell him that he looks really sad, just try to get his story, and make him take, make him tell you, if he truly loved you maybe he is just scared, too scared to have a broken heart again

best wishs

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