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I had a crush on this guy when I was a teenager. Infact, I always thought to myself that we would get married when we got older. Anyways I've never seen him since then...(more than 10 years or so), but my parents are always in touch with his parents...(we're family friends).


Ive seen pics of him, hes grown up to be quite allright.. still single

And just now apparently my mom sent a pic of me to them without my knowledge!!! and I look awful!!


And its the first time hes going to see what I look like since then.




Just thought I'd rant a bit. Thanks for reading

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Don't stress sweetie!! This is a chance to get back into contact with him.. it's exciting! I'm sure the pic isn't that bad.. and anyway even if it's not your best, surely the guy who really matters wouldn't judge on one lame pic!


Good luck!

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