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my sexual scheme...any thoughts ladies???

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ok...i have a question for the ladies...this is something i have in mind for my girlfriend here coming up. we always have normal every day sex and i was looking for a way to "wow" her...here's what i was thinking...


get her in my bed and have all my things hidden. so then after kissing her a bit, tell her to turn around and i'd blindfold her. after that id have her lay back down and i'd kiss her some more...but at the same time, w/o her knowing because she cant see....i'd handcuff her to the bed from both arms. then slowly work my way till she's naked or whatever then go down on her...maybe get whipcream or something. then just go from there....


would that be "hot" or not ladies? cause i dont want to look stupid if i try it...



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I would make sure that your girlfriend wouldn't be freaked out by you just pulling all these things out to use on her without her expecting it. (specially since it is your first time doing this.) She may have said she'd be comfortable being tied down and everything, but if you just spring it on her, she may feel akward about it.

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