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Moving on, Facing the music, attempting to live my own life.


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I'm through.

You know, maybe I'm the one with the problem.

I'm upset with my boyfriend because he doesn't seem to care that our relationship is long-distance!!!

I'm waiting around for my boyfriend lately. Putting my whole life on hold planning for our future. I mean, who even knows what the future holds.

I think I should let go.

I don't need to plan for our future anymore. We're not even married.

I just need to plan for my future.

When he technically proposes, moves out here, and puts that ring on my finger, then, then I can start planning for two.

I think that's what has been depressing me.

Because who knows what can happen in a year.

And now he's telling me it may be more than a year before he comes out here.

I mean really, how does he thinks that makes me feel? He keeps pushing things back, I can't rely on that.

I need to stop relying on other people. I think it might be challenging considering that I'm so used to doing it.

I mean, I can't really be upset with him. He has his own dreams and ambitions.

I have my own dreams and ambitions as well. However I've been holding out. Putting our relationship first. I shouldn't be doing that.

I should put me first, just as he's putting himself first.

I'm going to have fun before I get married.

He wants the 3 bedroom/3bathroom apartment, but I like the 2 bedroom/2bathroom.

And you know what?

I'm going to get the one I want. I'm going to put the things I like inside of it, and I'm going to be the single, pretty, independent woman I've always wanted to be.

Of course I still love my boyfriend, and I still expect that we'll get married in the future, but that's not going to be my focus anymore.

Why are men so complicated?!!! He wants me to be patient, but it's hard.

It's hard knowing that I would do anything it takes for us to be closer, and he won't.

I said I would quit my job and move out there with him, but he doesn't want that, yet he won't move out here with me.

He could always take classes at the state university out here and have the classes transferred to his school back there, but he doesn't even want to consider it!!!!

I mean, I can't be the one who wants it more than he does.

But then it's not like I can do anything about it.

Everyone is there own person and he wants to finish school. Not like I'm objecting to that at all. But there is a way he can finish school without transferring. He can complete his classes out here and have his grade transferred.

Anywho, I'm frustrated.

But that's just my problem. I'm much too dependent on my boyfriend.


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I am sorry that he isnt being as reliable as you want him to be, but that is the attraction of cyber-relationships for a lot of people.


He doesnt have to be as respectful as you deserve, because he can just turn off the computer whenever he doesnt feel like being attached.


My ex is in a long-distance relationship and I feel so sorry for the girl involved as she is quite... naieve... and doesnt realise that he is only with her becuase he wants the support of a gf with none of the responsibility.


You are right to carry on with your life as a strong, independent woman, it sounds to me that he isnt willing to commit on any real level and he is just telling you what you want to hear to placate you.

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