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My girlfreind is shy!


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hey, i dunno if this will help or nething... but i can be really shy too, and sumtimes any boyfriends that i have had did get annoyed with it (im 16). but sumthin that used to get me to actually talk and feel comfortable was when the guy would ask me questions. but not boring ones. and dont ask her questions that she can give 1 word answers to. ask her questions that involve her opinion, and after the conversation gets going, she will feel more comfortable and youll notice she will start talking more. i kno that at the beginning it will seem like ur the only one carrying on the conversation, but be patient and she should open up. if you run out of things to say... just start saying random things. thats usually a good way to start conversations. talk about sumthing u just saw on tv, or ask her wut color her toothbrush is. say anything.

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