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Im Engaged and Need Suggestions?

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Okay well, me and my fiance have been engaged for what, about two months.

1. its nearly his birthday


2. its nearly valentines day.


1. its in april (thats how much time i have to save up) and he didnt get me much but he got stuff that meant somthing to me and he has bought me 2 gorgeous silver necklaces and my stunning gold diamond engagement ring.

I reallly want to buy him something special but i dont exactly have ANY money or access to money to buy him something extravagent.

i would make hm something but i have no time anymore and no patience.


2. i dont know if he celebrates it yet but i want to make it special even though i dont know, i want to get something for him or maybe just surprise hiim with something.


I would REALLY appreciate the help because i have no creativity and i know what he would like but to be honest i couldnt afford it if i saved up for 2 years.


PLEASE reply,

thank you!



p.s. sorry about all the grammar and spelling

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I would say that although it is kind of cliche'... a night of total pampering never goes astray.


Make sure you have the house to yourself and then organise everything from his favourite dinner and dessert to a completely indulgent sex session... use everything you know about him to make him feel amazing and loved

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Well, let me ask you this...what is that you do that your boyfriend responds to the most?


Some boyfriends are absolutely touched if their girlfriends do a surprise "Act of service" for them...like wash their car, take care of that pile of laundrey that's been sitting in the corner of their bedroom for a month, run an errand for them...


Some boyfriends are thrilled when their girlfriend gives them (sincere) compliments. They respond to words of affirmation.


Some boyfriends feel most loved by their girl when she's being physically affectionate and intimate.


And some boyfriends respond most to presents and gifts.


In my experience, guys respond more to the first three than the last. So, give it some thought...what are the things you've done or said in the past that made your boyfriend just melt, tell you how much he loved and felt loved by you, and squeezed you tight?


Maybe that will help you plan an unforgettable Valentine's Day for him.

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Here's something that my girlfriend did for me the other week - I certainly enjoyed it!!

We got dressed up and went out for a nice dinner. We then decided to park the car at her place, and walk two minutes down the road to a pub. They have a couple of pool tables, so we decided to shoot some stick and grab some drinks. This place is also a karoke bar, so people were up singing on the stage. After quite a few games of pool, and quite a few drinks, all of a sudden Madonna's "Like A Virgin" came on over the speakers. While we played pool, my girlfriend danced a little, being a little flirty with me while I made my shots. Well, we end the night and walk back to hers. She heads upstairs and tells me to wait down. I grab a beer and sit. After a good 20 minutes, she tells me I can go upstairs and wait in the bedroom. I proceed up the stairs and she is locked in the bathroom. Open the bedroom door, and the whole room is filled with lit candles! I sit on the bed and eagerly wait with anticipation! After another ten minutes, I suddenly hear "click", and what should come blasting on but "Like a Virgin"!!! The bedroom door opens and in steps my girlfriend wearing her sexy lingerie, dancing around the room, ultimately ending in a strip tease. Well, I'm sure you can all imagine what happened after that...

If your guy wouldn't go for something like that, well, go figure! lol

Fun night indeed!



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As I have gotten older and more spoiled, with more stuff to own, I can look back and say that presents often don't mean as much as experiences.


I would think it would mean much more to me, and to many people I know, to find that my loved one had gone to all sorts of effort organising something than to think they had just dropped some cash on something for me. As time passes and you have that thing they bought you, it becomes YOURS, not a shared experience. Like the watch my ex bought me - I forgot after a while where it came from. But a memory of an experience? That always remains attached to the person involved.


I suggest that you have a think about something he really likes, maybe something he would never do for himself. Make some effort. What about learning some massage in secret, then surprising him with a special treat?


I completely agree with the pampering. If you have any money, you might buy him tickets to something, or plan a day out somewhere, but paying for experiences these days can get expensive.


I also agree that you might be best focussing on his birthday with your effort. For V Day, maybe a card with a hearfelt message, maybe some flowers. Some men like flowers too, why not be different? Tulips aren't too girly .

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I did this once and my bf loved it. You obviously have a computer. So I went to Microsoft word and made him up about 30 cute little, colorful coupons, for example a back rub or foot rub that he could cash in at any time, I listed the expiration date as "Eternity".


Some were a little more risque, ok a lot were, but all of them said at the bottom that this coupon is only redeemable when it is presented to "your name".


God help ya if he wants to cash them all in one night.


Good luck!

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