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2 weeks after she broke up with me, she calls. Help?

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Ok, if you have been following my tale, my girlfriend of almost 2 years broke up with me 2 weeks ago. She said it was because she only thought she hurt me. There is no one else in the picture, I know for sure. So I have bee ntrying to go NC, but broke it once. However, today I was snowboarding and when I got back there were 2 missed calls on my phone from here, as well as a text that said "I read all the poems you wrote me..." I really still want a relationship with this girl, and I love her so much, but people have been saying to go NC to give her space.

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Give it a bit more time. Remember, your going NC, but still really want to see her. She could be feeling the same way, but can't resist. Maybe something can still be salvaged, but right now emotions are still running high. I would wait just a bit longer, then if you still think the relationship can be saved, if your still good for each other, send out some feelers.

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Hm, ok, so I called her back, and she picked up. We talked about life, and I asked why she called and she said "Just to talk." I told her that I would not like to talk for long because I was teaching myself to get over her and was starting to accept that fact that I would not got her back. After I said that, she said "How do you know you wont get me back?" I asked if there was a chance.. and she said "I don't know" then she said she had to go? AM I being strung along? Now Im back to day 1 of NC, and I didnt get any straight answer. Ughh

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