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Foreplay & Sex: Question for men

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Ok, even tho I am a girl, I know what my bf likes...


He likes to go down on me... I think it makes him feel powerfull knowing that he is pleasuring me and that I trust him enough to make myself that vunerable to him.


Apart from that, he likes me to dress up... knee high fishnets and high heels do the trick.

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Being very forward, pushing me down and not letting me take charge.

Eye contact with a dirty smile during sex.

A sexy note, email, card when I least expect it.

A surprise when we were out. ("You do know I'm not wearing panties, right?")

A long, slow teasing handjob.


Lordy, now I am all turned on. Sigh...hehe.

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I am also a woman, but I know what makes my man happy: lingere-Saturday night I dressed up in a lace nightie and my heels. I left my heels on-it drove him crazy.


dirty talk, telling him what I want him to do to me

soft kisses all over

leaving some light on so we can look at each other

making love in front of a mirror, watching each other.

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Well, I'm speculating here, having no actual experience. But I've always thought that just I'd just mostly enjoy lots of deep, intense, intimate kissing. I may be unusual for a guy, but as my libido has mellowed, I think I'd need and want plenty of warmup time before I'd be ready for the main event.


Also (and maybe some of you ladies could give me an opinion on this?), I've thought that I'd like to learn to give a good sensual massage, I thought that'd be a very nice thing to do for my partner.

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I know I'm not a man....but aside from the things relating to various sexual organs...my ex loved me tickling him. That's how things always started. I used to tickle him for hours, *really* slowly building up to kissing and massage stuff. Seriously...for like an hour I would only tickle his back..then just extend the area I was touching by about an inch or so every so often, keeping it really light and running my finger just under the band of his boxers (about 1cm under). And I loved doing it. Really really did, even though leaning on one arm for long times used to cane madly the next day.

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Making her orgasm. Nothing turns me on more than making a woman cum repeatedly. This could be from any number of sexual activities, but I would keep going until she physically can't take it anymore. And at that point, whether I orgasm or not is kind of immaterial to me.


There's many many other scenarios, but this one ranks really high up on my list of turn ons.

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Lots of kissing.


Rubbing her hands and/or feet on my body... especially chest, stomach and face.


I love to touch her and kiss her and lick her. Neck, nipples, stomach, thighs, feet, lower back, sides, ears, fingers...


Of course, oral is good. Getting it, giving it, both at once.


I love it when she sits on my lap and we fool around. Or when she wraps herself around me.

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The absolute best, best thing that ever happened to me was something that I still think about. I was at a party and this girl who I knew since she was the younger sister of my best friend came up to me when I had to go inside to make a call with his phone. She came in after me and as I was talking on the phone she came up to me, a bit too close to the point that in that second I became aware of her instead of the phone converstation and then when I glanced at her she leaned over and whispered in my ear "so when are you finnaly going to f*ck me?"


She moved away and walked back to the barbecue as if nothing more than " do you want another sandwhich" had been said and glanced over and smiled before she disapeared around the corner.


I was just about parilised with lust and a wonderful sense ofshock. This was a very beautiful girl who looked every inch a proper demure lady -and not in my wildest fantasy would I ever have thought that she would behave so openly where there was only ever a bit of coy flirlting before.


She had me hooked with curiosity.


I have to confess that I thought it was just a wild joke - that she was toying with me. I asked her out a few days later (yes with the fantasy at the back of my mind) and she came to a pub with me. I remember she was dressed in a dress with polka dots, a straw hat and a white sweater. She looked like she had just left either the polo grounds or church. I felt a bit ashamed that I had let my lust get the better of me and I felt a bit dumb knowing I had wanted to take her up on some kind of sexualy forbiden fantasy.


I think many guys will know what I mean but I had to put thoughts of lust away because I couldn't in my head find any way to bring the topic back around. Grrrr. So nice chit chat instead ... in the way as if I had never heard her words.


About fifteen minutes into the nice chit chat. She stopped taking - one of those long silences. She slowlyl, slowly looked around the crowded pub. This was luch time and a popular place apparently. Then she looked at me, right into my eyes. She slid down a bit (it was a british pub with big wood table in a booth) and she slowly (and I mean slowly and deliberately) lifted her skirt up, hooked her thumbs around the straps of her panties and slowly took them off under the table. She took them showed them to me on the top of the table and quickly put them away into her purse. Then she just put her head in her hands and looked at me.


I've never had something so fantastic happen to me before or since. Guys could you say another word in a case like that - knowing that there she was without a thing under her gauzy dress under that darn table - which was too broad to be able to reach under?


We too a drive - since the conversation had stopped. And I will let you use your imagination for the rest.

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Dang it! I didn't even think of that gentlemanly thing to do


I've never ever had that thought! To put pantie back on!


Dang that stupid second brain of mine! No wonder women world over are upset with us men!


But if I ever get the same chance again I will keep that suggestion at the front of my mind - for a nanosecond

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i1Dr-That is soooo sexy of her to just say it! Loooove it! That is almost like my first date with the man I love. Met on a sex/love site, chat, talk, email, met, drove back to his house and while he was nervously showing me around his house, and this guy is gorgeous I was the nervous one, I came up behind him after already partially undressing, I pressed myself against him and asked 'so where is the bedroom?' He tells me now that he almost had a heart attack...but we spent the next 2 days in bed coming up for food only and the rest is history!

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That is the most wonderful kind of heartatack. It takes a woman who knows herself and is confident in her allure - plus number one; who likes to take chances - plus number two and finds the man about to die in bliss attractive - plus number three & a home run!


Why are there not more days like this?

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i1DR-You got it all correct! He is to die for, I am confident with this man with my sexuality (took awhile to get that feeling but I got it now!) His kisses, touch, body, the way he growls into my ear, just looking at him accross the table gets me wet...never experienced anything like this before....and I am hitting 45 in one month! I feel blessed that we found each other when we did. I call him 'Magic Man'...ahhhhhh


Oh, so back to the topic...what was it again? oh yeah foreplay, don't try too hard because we know it and it makes us uncomfortable. We want you to have fun too! Forget about the perfected sexual moves in the movies...it aint like that. Its sloppy, sweaty, funny, klutzy, and sweet. No Don Juan crap unless you are about to propose! Thats another story! Don't leave snale trails of saliva on my face when you kiss me. If you feel the need to apologize, rest assured we understand and we are nervous too. Rock on my friend you only live once and its not for long...so get out there and have fun!

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