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ok guys i need ur advice.

i've been really close friends with this guy for bout 2 years. i have always felt really strongly bout him but never told him incase i ruined the friendship. he was always really flirty with me but i was never sure how to take it. about 9 months ago he started going out with someone and i found it reallt hard. however, one firday nite he phoned and asked me to go round to his. we started the nite just like any other, then he started stroking my arm and kissing my shoulder and stuff. we ended up kissing all nite tho i wouldnt let it go any further (kicking myself now!). i brought up his g/f and he said he would talk to her. the next day tho, he was really cold with me. i tried to talk to him but he avoided me so i got mad and did something i really regret. i made sure what had happened got back to his g/f. since then i harldy see him. they broke up cos of what happened and now he never calls or comes over. i know i made a mistake telling her but i was so hurt. i miss him so much and would do anything to get him back in my life. it makes it worse that i never found out why he kissed me. i'll never know what could have been! i've sent him a few messages telling him i miss him but he aint relplied. what do i do? do i keep trying or just let go? and why did he kiss me if this is how he wants things!? please help! i need answers!

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This has happened to me on numerous occasions. I had been friends with this girl for about 4 years. But i really liked her i felt jealous every time she had a new boyfriend. Well eventually i ended up kissing her. We didnt have sex but all i know is that the next day i felt as if i really hated her it is very hard to explain but i just did maybe it is the same for your friend. Eventually we became friends again but it was never the same.

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its quite strange, a similar thing happened to me once, but unfortunately, i was on the receiving end of it, i was the girlfriend. the only thing that you can do to find out if the kiss meant anything is to just ask him straight up, in any case it will have meant something to his girlfriend regardless.it sounds to me by what you have written that this guy is now blanking you, that could be because he thinks he may have made a mistake,or he could be angry at you for telling his girlfriend(though good on you) or he could just be trying to sort things out in his own head before he says anything to you(which is probably most likely what is happening). alot of men shy away when emtions and feelings come into play,as it is harder sometimes for them to express whats on their minds, unlike us gals. my advice would be to let him cool down for a while, just incase he is mad at you, and then approach him or phone him or something.either way he may be having a hard time after splitting up with his girl, so give him a bit of space for the moment, then let your gut instinct guide you. just dont rush things,he must be attracted to you somewhat, as he did kiss you, but maybe its not the best idea to read too much into it just yet. take care and good luck!!!

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